My husband Chris and I are very excited to announce that our now softball-sized BB is A BOY!!

We had our 19 week Ultrasound friday afternoon.  I was so excited I could barely even breathe! lol I knew either way (boy or girl) that I was going to bawl my eyes out and more than likely freak out the poor ultrasound technician…which, of course, I did.  Chris was by my side to calm me down though and I managed to stop sobbing uncontrollably and make it back to the car…where I immediately started bawling again lol.  When asked why I was still crying all I could manage to say to Chris was “I’m just so happy!”…which resulted in him laughing his ass off at me hahaha

BB Hoobs, waving ‘Hi!’

Teeny tiny little toes!! ❤

We announced our big news yesterday at a family barbecue. My sister made an adorable reveal cake (FULL of either blue or pink icing on the inside! yum!!) and we gathered everyone around to share the news!  The cake was uber delicious and luckily for Chris and I the leftover half stayed at our house! Cake for lunch today! 🙂 lol

It was a great BBQ!  Full of great good, amazing family and lots and lots of love!  Everyone is very happy and very, very excited!  There are already 2 beautiful little girls on the Hobin side of the family (our nieces Addison & Alyssa) so our little dude is going to have a run for his money! lol We KNOW nothing is ever concrete, and come December we could always still end up with another beautiful little Hobin girl in the family, and we are totally OK with that! (why wouldn’t we be!? lol) but until then we are happy to announce that there will be another boy Hobin!!  The Hobin name WILL live on! lol!

BLUE icing! ❤

On top of all of this ridiculous excitement we’ve also been spending lots and lots of time working on the nursery!  The dresser that we wanted SO BADLY from Ikea (ok, ok! the one that *I* wanted so badly from Ikea!) finally came back into stock on Friday and we rushed over there after work to pick it up.  It’s a pretty, white, 8 drawer HEMNES dresser, and man are they popular!   When we got there we found only THREE left in stock! SCORE!  We snatched it up and got out of there like a bat out of hell.  It’s MINE!!

We (and by we, I clearly mean Chris lol) spent the remainder of Friday night and Saturday morning setting up the dresser and organizing the nursery so we could show it off at the BBQ.  There’s still work to do of course…lots of personal touches to add! Photos etc… boyish things! lol  But it’s really coming along. I already love spending time in there!

Of course, our dogs, Leia & Artoo have been a big help in the decorating process! Always lying in the way, or hiding under things… I worry sometimes that they think we’re replacing them …they get that super sad look in their eyes that only a dog can give you.  But then I see how much they both love kids, and how well they get along with kids & babies (Leia especially!) and my heart melts and I know everything will be OK. ❤

I’m so blissfully happy right now! It’s kind of hard to put into words… Anytime I think of something to say about it all it just ends up sounding super corny or cheesey. I have an amazingly wonderful, supportive, loving husband.  Two adorably entertaining dogs.  I have a bouncing baby boy on the way, and the thought of it all sounds like something out of a fairy tale to me.  My own personal fairy tale.  Sometimes I think it’s all too good to be true…like I might wake up to find I’ve been dreaming this whole time.  Then when I DO wake up I find it’s all still very real and the fairy tale begins all over again.

Here’s to the next 4 1/2 months of pregnancy and to a lifetime of blissful happiness!

Had-to-have onsie!!

Like I said…Cake for lunch! 🙂

•Life Update•

Where do I even begin!?

It’s been a roller coaster of a year so far.  2012 started off with devastation. First with Chris’ work shutting down their branch with no notice, leaving him unemployed, then with the sudden, tragic loss of my Grammy.  It definitely seemed like this was going to be the worst year of our lives.  But we have pushed on and kept our chins up, as we know Grammy would want us to do…and I’m usually a very pessimistic person, so I’m not going to lie…it was hard to do.

You know how people always say that optimism breeds positivity?  That if you stay positive and keep your chin up that good things will come?  …well, they’re right.

First Chris’ work gave him a pretty decent severance pay.  Then by some miracle of God he received his annual bonus (that he’s never once been able to collect in previous years).  These two unexpected bonuses saved our lives…and our mortgage…and our visas.  We were even able to get away on vacation for the first time in, well, ever!  The furthest we ever “vacationed” was usually camping in Grand Bend, or our honeymoon to Wasaga Beach.  Not this time!  The Hobins packed up and flew to Runaway Bay, Jamaica for a week!  A week of fun, sun, food, heat, fatigue and nausea! ….wait, fatigue and nausea?…

Yes, fatigue and nausea.  A few weeks after we booked our amazing all-inclusive 2nd honeymoon vacation Good Thing #2 happened.  I found out I was pregnant!  We hadn’t really been “trying” trying…it was more of a “let’s let fate do its thing”.  And fate has blessed us with, well, we don’t know yet! lol I’m at 14 weeks now and I don’t even have the “find out the gender” ultrasound booked yet, but I hear it happens within the 18-20 week mark…so we’ll see! But we DO want to find out!  We’ve been busy cleaning out our 2nd bedroom, re-painting and reading…a lot. lol  It’s all still a little overwhelming but we’re  both so, so excited!

Pregnancy has been pretty good to me so far.  No morning sickness, so that’s awesome!  I’m finally into the 2nd trimester, so the fatigue is wearing off and I’m slowing getting my appetite back, although I’m still not a huge fan of meat…as long as it’s chopped up and IN something (sandwich, salad, etc..) then I’m ok. But I haven’t had a steak or chicken breast in God knows how long lol  The only downside so far is a ceased SI joint (pelvis/spine) which rendered me couch & icepack bound most of this week. But I’m getting treatment for it and it’s already getting better.

On to Good Thing #3…which is bittersweet to me, but ultimately a very exciting thing!  My parents are moving!  My family has lived in that house since my parents got married about 31 years ago.  It’s sad to think of anyone else other than us living there (not that I live there anymore…but it’s still very much one of my homes).  SO many memories…good and bad of course…but so, so many.  Not that my ridiculous hormones are helping either…I tear up every time I think about saying goodbye to the house lol

My Mom & Dad have bought a very sweet 8 year old farmhouse out in Hagersville.  It has all the adorable charm they’ve always wanted in a farmhouse (2 acres of property too!), but only 8 years old!  So it’s got all new everything and no worries of old cracking foundation, or yucky old septic tanks.  It’s even got a nice big out-building for my dad to convert into a nostalgic gas station/workshop/garage.  Which is where he’ll keep his ’71 Buick Skylark and ’65 Buick Riviera of course 😉  I am SO excited for them!!

See what I mean about roller coaster?  From the worst year every to possibly one of the best!  And BB Hobin is due December 19th! So this is going to be the best Christmas I could ever imagine!  Although, the pessimist who still dwells inside my head can’t stop making me think I’ll end up overdue and stuck in the hospital for Christmas morning lol But I know that it’ll be worth it…and either way, a Christmas none of us will ever forget!

Oh! and Chris did end up getting another job!  He’s working where I do, helping in the shipping dept., which he seems to love to do!  Hopefully come January he’ll be able to re-apply for city transit again and get a job driving bus (which may not sound glamorous but it pays damn well!).  Which would be another blessing as we’ll need all the savings we can get…we’ll be PARENTS by then!! 🙂

Here’s a few photos to sum up all I’ve just rambled on about – Please stop by my LD Photography Facebook Page to see more photos from our Jamaica trip! While you’re there give me a ‘like’ too! I’ll be your new best friend! 🙂 lol  You can also click the link on the left side of this blog for another direct route to my page.  Thank you!

Jamaica! Dolphin Cove

Jamaica! Martha Brae River Rafting

The view from our room! ❤

Ultrasound at 6 weeks – not much to see! But it confirmed I was in fact pregnant! lol

Ultrasounds at 13 weeks – just…WOW!

More from week 13! in the bottom one we watched BB wiggle and stretch and flip right upside down! Amazing!

Goodbye old home – You’ll be missed dearly.

Mom & Dad’s new place out in Hagersville ❤

If you didn’t already know, almost a month ago my family lost our Matriarch.  My Grammy, Kay Mannell, passed away January 28th, 2012 after falling in our family home… Only 2 weeks before her 94th birthday (although the doctor did give her a month for good behaviour…she always said she wanted to outlive, or at least live up to HER mother’s age of 94).

I haven’t spoken publicly about it much…I haven’t really found the words yet to do so…but I’m going to try, so please bare with me here.

I owe everything I am to the women in my life…My Mother, my Nana & of course, my Grammy.
There are tons of people who only know their Grandparents through family stories and photographs.  I am truly blessed to have had Nana & Grammy there my whole life.  And my mom?  I don’t know what I would do, or who I would be without her.  She’s an angel. Plain and simple.


Like I said…this woman is our guardian angel, right here on Earth.  She has taken care of our family with an indescribable amount of unconditional love.  She is always there when you need her, whether you know you need her or not.  She stayed with Grammy day in and day out when she was in the hospital.  She cared for Poppa (her father) when he was hospitalized, before he passed away…and again when Nana was hospitalized and had to have her leg amputated.  Hell, she was even there with ME in the hospital when I had to get my tonsils removed! (like I said, whether you know you need her or not! lol)  There are no words to describe the amount of love and caring my mother shows the world.  When we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders somehow my mom always has just enough strength to help push us through.

We are a very emotional family (I blame my dad) and my mom is the glue that holds us all together…and let me tell you, thats no easy task.  When I say we’re emotional, I mean it’s absolutely ridiculous how emotional we are.  My mom’s unconditional love must be made of freaking super glue or something… No matter how terrible a situation may be, mom always has a way of making us feel better, stronger.

My mom has taught me to stay true to myself and always stand up for what I believe in.  Given, that did get me in trouble a few times throughout my teenage years, but I’ve found a less rebellious way to be myself now a days.  She has taught me to embrace myself, my personality, my fears and dreams and mould them all into who I want to be.  I may not have conquered all of my fears (I still can’t watch ET for the life of me, or go into the basement in the dark) but I know that I am a better person, a better wife, and one day one hell of a mom, because of my mother.

I love you so much mom.  I’m sorry if I don’t say it enough.  You’re the best mom a girl could ask for, and I thank God for you every day.


Nana is the epitome of strong women.  She was married to Poppa for Christ’s sake!  That alone takes balls! lol  In all seriousness though, if Nana has taught us anything its that you have to be strong in life.  When Poppa’s health started to deteriorate Nana was the backbone of the family.  She did everything for him.  She showed us that no matter how difficult a situation may be that true love, determination & patience will always get you through.

After dealing with the difficulty of losing her husband, Nana also had to overcome the difficulty of losing her leg.  She was hospitalized and it had to be amputated.  It was a terrible time for our family.  We were all so scared that we would lose her…the first amputation, below the knee wouldn’t heal, and they had to go back and take more.  My mom was at the hospital a lot…again.  But Nana pulled through because she’s strong as all hell!  Not only was she strong enough to come home, but she’s continued to be strong every day since then.   If her confidence has ever faltered she’s never once showed it.

Watching her overcome this tragic event has made me a better person.  It has shown me that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, and that the only person standing in my way is myself.  Nana also has an amazing sense of humour…I’ve watched her turn tragedy into comedy, which I think is amazing.  Being able to laugh at a situation rather than sulk about it is a great trait to have.  One of my favourite Nana moments was when she had returned from the hospital and she came over to visit.  We were kind of worried about how it had effected her or whether or not it would be weird…but the first thing Nana did was unfold her empty pant leg from underneath her and wave it at us and yell “helloooooo!!!” I almost died laughing.  We instantly felt at ease about the entire ordeal.  If Nana wasn’t upset or frightened about how could we be?

I think back on this all the time.  Anytime I start worrying & complaining about paying bills, gaining weight, working overtime, or simply getting sick I stop and think about how small and insignificant those things really are….I think about Nana and her courage & determination and think to myself, if I can be even half as strong as Nana is, then I can get through anything.

Thank you Nana for being a wonderful, beautiful and always entertaining woman.  You’ve shown me time and time again that a little optimism goes a long way.  I love you so much!


Grammy was an amazing woman…actually, scratch that.  She was THE MOST amazing woman.  She touched any and every life that was lucky enough to intertwine with her own.  She was ‘Grammy’ to everyone…whether you had known her all your life, or had only met her once, it didn’t matter.  She was Grammy to all.  She taught me so much about life and love…about what it takes to be a good wife, mother & grandmother.  And really folks, it doesn’t take much.  Love, mostly…a lot of love….patience, a great sense of humour, discipline, and patience…I know, I already said patience…but you need it.  Especially when you’ve got 5 kids, 12 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren!  Not to mention in-laws & family friends who considered her their family as well….We all owe everything to Grammy’s unconditional love.

Grammy was strong, independent, elegant, beautiful, brave and above all, incredibly stubborn.  That’s what we loved the most about her, I think.  Her ability to make you laugh with the simplest of facial expressions was priceless.  When she’d roll her eyes at my dad for telling her to turn up her hearing aids….or the look she’d give you for telling her to do anything for that matter!  The look that instantly told you “I’m 93 years old and I’m going to do whatever I damn well please!” …you were smiling within seconds.

The 2 weeks that Grammy was hospitalized after her fall was by far the worst 2 weeks of my life…probably of all our lives. We had spent days and nights with her there…watching over her, comforting her, comforting each other…not knowing what even the next hour would bring.  Then we were blessed…  I was raised Catholic, but I am not an overly religious person… but I do believe that we were given a gift from God during her hospital stay…  Although she suffered a terrible fall, resulting in brain damage, she never lost the ability to be Grammy.  The doctors told us a couple days in that she might not last the night…but Grammy being her strong, stubborn self was not about to be told when she was going to die.  The next few days were amazing.  She was awake and talking to us…reading magazines with me…looking at old family photos and pointing out who was who, and what they were doing that day.  It was within these few days where one of my most favourite Grammy-moments happened.  She was hungry and wanted food.  The nurses told us they would bring some apple sauce for her to try out.  They gave my dad these tiny apple sauce containers and said she had to eat them slow and in little bits.  My dad fed her only ONE spoonful before she grabbed the whole thing from him, took the spoon, gave him that awesome Mannell Death Stare and ate the whole damn thing herself…then asked for more.  Then ate lunch, had tea, a glass of milk & finished off her supper that night with lemon pudding.  But that look! Oh my God…the death stare my dad got for trying to feed her was absolutely priceless!  We were all laughing so hard.  It was just so Grammy.

There wasn’t a single person who ever met her that didn’t instantly fall in love with her.   It’s no wonder her and Grampa were married for almost 70 years! (Grampa passed away 7 months before their 70th wedding anniversary).  Chris and I actually got married on their anniversary.  Our wedding day would have been their 70th…I am so absolutely honoured to share this day with them.  It means more to me than I’ll ever be able to express in words.

It breaks my heart that she is no longer here with us.  I’ve cried almost every single day since January 28th…She may have been 93 (almost 94!) years old, but I still don’t believe it was her time to go…but even still, I don’t cry for that reason…Grammy lived a long and very happy life.  We are all so lucky to have had her in our lives for so long.  I cry, because, well…it’s just so hard to picture life without her in it.  Our family home (my parents house, where she lived with them) seems empty now without her in it.  Theres an empty place at the dinner table…an empty seat near the fireplace…there’s no one quietly shuffling around upstairs in her room… It’s going to take a lot of getting used to.  Even my parents dog & cat are lost without her there.

I’ll always remember what Grammy told Chris and I in her speech on our wedding day.  “The secret to a long and happy marriage is simple.  Always go for walks together after dinner and never, ever stop talking to each other.”  We won’t Grammy.  I promise you that.  I love you with all my heart and I miss you more and more each day.  I hope you and Grampa are walking those beautiful Hawaiian beaches together once more….Every time I see purple in the sun rise or set, I always think of you and know you’re looking down on me.

I love movies.

No…that’s an understatement.  I fucking LOVE movies!

We, my husband and I, have a vast collection of movies. Old & new.  Disney & Horror.  Totally awesome & totally lame.  I don’t care…I absolutely love movies.

What I don’t love is skydiving, bungee jumping, sword swallowing or any other insanely ridiculous/dangerous thing most people add to their Bucket List.  I live a pretty simple life and no where in it is there a desire to almost kill myself for the fun of it.

So in lieu of a death-defying Bucket List I’ve created my Must-See Movies Bucket List.  A list of movies I need to see before I die.  There are far too many great movies out that that I haven’t laid my eyes on…and being the cinephile I am it’s just plan silly that I haven’t seen some of them.  Like Casablanca!  Who the hell hasn’t seen Casablanca!?…This girl.

I’m starting tonight.  The first movie I’ll be crossing off my list is Field of Dreams.  I know right….how have I not already watched this!?

Please comment here or on my Must-See Movies Bucket List page and let me know which movies you would recommend.  Serious suggestions only, please!

I’ll keep adding to the list as suggestions come in (or as I think of new ones!) and I’ll cross them off as I watch them.  I’ll update my blog about them too as I go!

Keep an eye out! Maybe there’s some you haven’t seen either 😉


This lunch break is brought to you by:  Lori’s overactive imagination.

I have weird dreams.  All the time.  I know everyone dreams a lot, every night, but not everyone remembers their dreams.  I don’t remember all of mine, but I always remember at least one every night.  And it’s always in great detail.  So much so that I have a hard time remembering whether things were dreams or reality….they’re not always so weird that they couldn’t be true.  They’ve also left me with quite the active deja-vu.

Last night’s dream has stuck with me….even now, I can remember even some of the smallest details. Lets say, for example, the china patterns on the plates, or the brand name of the garbage in the yard….the little things I looked passed in the dream I see clearly now.  Maybe it’ll make more sense if I just explain it all.

It was a dull, rainy day.  Chris and I were walking to visit my grandmothers, who lived together in a small, rundown-looking cottage in a residential area.  Not a busy area, but there were some other houses close by.  My dream never mentioned just WHY my Nana & Grammy were living together in this house, just that they were indeed living there.

It was a cute little house, but very overgrown and dirty.  The windows were smudged inside and out with dirt.  Vines and weeds had grown up all sides of the house, so that you could barely tell it was a log cabin-type of home.  There was an orange, ornamental pattern that lined the top of the house, just before the roof, and yellowed curtains in the square framed windows.  The left side of the house was totally encompassed in bushes.  I couldn’t see past the front door (which was closer to the left side of the home).  On the right side of the house was a small sunroom.  Maybe 10’x15′ in size.  It had a circular window that faced the street, and another matching one on east side.  There was a bench in front of the house between the front door and the sun room.  A large, bare tree sat in the middle of the front yard, almost covering the front of the house (had it been in bloom).

Chris and I walked up the front path (lined with small, but out of control bushes) around to the side of the house.  We didn’t bother using the front door.  Chris seemed nervous about the whole thing.  At the side of the house grew more large bushes.  Mostly green, but looking rusty in patches.  A small, black metal fence lined the yard.  The entire back yard was littered in trash.  Old gas cans, WD40 containers, even an old, rusted, obviously broken lawn mower.  Scattered between all the garbage, were old, rusty car parts, decomposing food & a rusted out swing set.

We pushed our way through the side gate and through the trash in the back yard and made our way into the sunroom.  Both Grammy & Nana were sitting there.  As soon as I opened the door into the sun room I was automatically forced backwards by some unseen force.  I knew immediately that the house was haunted and that my Grandmothers were being trapped there.  I was suddenly the center of attention to these spirits and they knew I could hear them.  They all began yelling at me and trying to get my attention.  No one else seemed to notice them at all.  My cousin David was there.  He was helping Grammy get dressed so we could all go out on a walk…we needed to get them out of the house.  He even helped her put on make up…it looked terrible..but it WAS her favourite colour…purple.

Nana was desperately trying to push her wheelchair through the very small kitchen off the back of the sunroom….I could see the spirits around her pushing her back & away from the front room, but no one else could.  Nana blamed her stubborn chair.  When she finally made it into the kitchen she placed more dirty dishes on top of the every-growing pile of plates on the counter.  Pale yellow plates with an orange/brown floral pattern around the outside.  Even though they were used they still sparkled brightly on the counter top.  She couldn’t turn around in the kitchen (in her wheel chair) so she backed out slowly and came back to meet us in the sun room.

I never got to go through-out the rest of the house, but something told me I didn’t want to…actually not so much some”thing” but someone.  The spirits were angry that I was there and didn’t want me to take my Grandmothers away from them.  But I did. As fast as I possibly could.  Chris grabbed Nana’s wheel chair and I grabbed Grammy’s hand, and as calmly as we could (so not to freak them out) we left the house.  As soon as we stepped outside the big tree in the back yard started to bloom with bright pink flowers.  The grass grew over the trash and soon the backyard was a vibrant green.  Grammy gasped in amazement.  We followed the path to the front of the house, and the large, bare tree in the front yard bloomed as well.

We walked away from that house…far, far away.  Neither Grammy or Nana complained about the distance.  The further we walked the quieter the spirits became.  They weren’t yelling at me anymore, but some were still whispering.  They were either so loud I couldn’t make them out, or whispering too quietly.  I felt very sad for them.  They didn’t want to harm Nana or Grammy, but they really were upset that we took them.  We didn’t stop walking until we got back to my parents house….which was very far away.  There was no concept of time, but I know we walked far.

Once at my parents house, we kissed them goodbye and I grabbed Chris’ hand and we walked away.
I woke up when we reached the end of the street.

The thing that stuck with me the most was the house itself.  It was so real.
So much so in fact, that I sketched it out….maybe one day I’ll see it for myself…for real.  Then again, maybe not.  There was nothing surreal about it.  It all seemed very normal…even the spirits didn’t freak me out.  They just worried me because they wouldn’t calm down enough to let me listen.

Needless to say, I woke up extremely tired this morning.  This dream absolutely exhausted me.  I felt completely drained.

The front of the house

Side view of the house

It’s not often that I have an entire weekend to spend with Chris.  He works so, so much…a “short” day for him is usually still a 12 hour shift AND he works on Saturdays.  Luckily for me he told his boss he was NOT coming in this weekend, so I got to spend a whole TWO DAYS with him!

My plan for the weekend consisted of:

Book Reading
and Sleep.
…yeah, right.  With Chris home for two whole days we ended up doing the following:

Kitchen renovation (fixing hole created by Chris & my dad while fixing the plumbing in the bathroom above)
Bathroom renovation (removing everything from the walls, painting & installing new fixtures)
We DID manage to get to the cinema last night!
And we did manage to have at least one meal together lol

I can’t complain though…we have a lot of great ideas for this house and with him working all the time nothing ever gets done.  I know that makes me sound horribly lazy…”Why doesn’t she just do it herself?”…The answer, my friends, is that although I’m not Canada’s Worst Handyman, I’m not great at it either.  My dad has taught me a lot, but I don’t feel comfortable doing most of the work without help or supervision. lol

Take, for instance the bathroom project.  I’m totally fine painting and lying floor tiles…but I can’t paint until the light fixtures, mirror & (gigantor) medicine cabinet are off the walls.  I wouldn’t have an issue with the medicine cabinet if it wasn’t as big as my closet (seriously people..it’s unnecessarily large), but I definitely don’t want to mess around with anything electrical (history of electric shock) and the mirror is a total no-go.  I’d end up shattering it and/or slicing myself up.  My bathroom would end up looking like a scene from Dexter.  I’m too accident prone…  Half the time I can’t even walk straight. lol

The bathroom is pretty small though, so it’s not a huge project.
Here’s a before and during (still waiting for paint to dry):



it’s already bigger without the medicine cabinet/closet in there. Here’s the new lights & cabinet we’re putting in!


Then we’re installing a rounded shower curtain rod.
The last things on the list are new floor tiles and a new counter top to match everything, but those are also the more expensive things…so they may have to wait a bit.  I’m also still not 100% sure what colours I want for either.

As for the kitchen…well that’s still a work in progress.

One leaking drain = one big hole in the kitchen

But Christopher knows drywall, so it’ll get done…eventually lol
Once it’s complete we’ll be repainting & wainscotting the  kitchen. I’d like to get new cupboards too, but I highly doubt that’ll be anytime soon…so for now we’ll just repaint them white, and try and keep chris’ dirty mits off of them! lol

We have a list a mile long of what else we plan to do, but it’ll be spread out throughout the year.  We also plan on vacationing to Cuba (or somewhere warm) this year, so I don’t want to spend ALL our money on home projects!


The company I work for did some post cards for Star Wars Day TO!  Which is, for all of you non-nerds, May 4th….as in May the 4th be with you 😉  In return we received tickets to the Star Wars Day TO show, held at the Underground Theatre in Toronto.  It was the first time they had held this event, and I sure as hell hope they do it again next year!

Chris and I dressed up as Han Solo & Leia Organa.  Duh!  Any chance we get to wear our costumes we take it!

We watched a bunch of amazing Star Wars tributes & mashups from the webbernet, played Original Trilogy Trivia & they even had a costume contest!  Neither Chris or I won, but I didn’t expect to…there were super rad little kids there all dressed up too!  You seriously couldn’t expect me to take a prize away from them! They were much cuter anyway lol

OH! and the 501st Stormtrooper Legion was there. Badass!  I need to get me a Sandtrooper suit….pronto.

Check out @StarWarsDayTO on twitter and lets make this an annual event!

Here’s a few pics I took!
Check out LOTS more on my flickr!   — all I ask is that if you use the photos for Facebook, or on a website, etc. that you please credit LD Photography (www.ldphotography.ca)…it would be greatly appreciated. ❤

And may the force be with you.

(Chris) Han Solo

High fives!

Costume Contest!

Leia & Artoo ❤