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I have found an amazing movie that I think everyone should go see.

I’m no “movie reviewer” and I usually always love movies that most people hate, but screw it!! this movie is just WAY to good!  …from the producers of SAW…

REPO! The Genetic Opera
A Film by Darren Lynn Bousman

In the not so distant future, a worldwide epidemic of organ failures devastates the planet.  Out of the tragedy, a saviour emerges: GENECO, a biotech company that offers organ transplants…for a price.  Those who miss their payments are scheduled for repossession…and hunted down by the REPO man!

Starring: Alexa Vega, Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, Paris Hilton, Ogre, Terrance Zdunich, with Bill Moseley & Paul Sorvino.


The Genetic Opera

The Genetic Opera

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

You’ll either love it or hate it, but i still recommend seeing it!
I can’t stop watching it, and now that I’ve bought the soundtrack, I can’t stop listening to it too!  Not only are the actors super talented, but the graphics are absolutely spectacular!  If you hate musicals/operas I guarantee you’ll still enjoy this film in one way or another.

Go watch it! NOW!!! ❤




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Remember When…

I remember when Friday nights used to be a thing to look forward to.

I’d get home from work, get my shit together and head out on the town for the night….now, I get home from work, take the puppy out, put my pajamas on and wait for Chris to get home.  Granted, I may have a beer or two on a Friday night….but I’m here alone, and that’s almost, kinda, really sad.

On the plus-side, I enjoy the downtime. i DESERVE downtime, dammit!

I work 11 hour shifts almost every day..and when i come home, there’s no resting for another few hours.  Leia must be walked and trained and fed and loved!  Then i have to chase her around for another hour or so just to get her to sleep for the following hour or so!  Somewhere around 8:00pm I get to relax, by myself, with my Guinness.  Only to realize I have photos to edit and MORE photos to upload.

Given the chance to go out on the town for the evening, I’m usually there…but I feel I’ve matured alot over the last few years and “getting hammered” just doesn’t seem like a ‘cool’ thing anymore.  I’d much rather nap with my pup, make dinner for my husband-to-be and relax with a pint…a well deserved pint! haha

Now…i’m not saying i NEVER go out and get drunk! i DO…but i usually feel super stupid the next day, and always wish i had limited myself.

The only thing i DO miss about going out for the night is gettin’ all dolled up.  I think I only own 1 dress…and i never have a reason to wear it.

AH, SCREW THIS! I’m getting my wedding dress in a couple of months! I’ll never have to dress up again !! haha my dress is friggen awesome!

….enough rambling… (can you tell i’m past my first guinness? lol)

Over & Out.


Could my family BE any cuter?!

Could my family BE any cuter?!

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≈My Favourite Girl≈

This is by far my most favourite picture of my little pup.

I like to share 🙂


My Beautiful Fur Baby <3 lol

My Beautiful Fur Baby ❤ lol

She’s growing so fast!

Leia is very confused by grass right now.  She’s only ever known snow, and is now playing stranger to the ground outside.  It’s getting hard to take her on walks because she gets nervous walking on mushy wet grass.  She always runs to whatever morsel of a snowbank is close by.

My poor puppy….she loves the snow sooo much.
I know she’ll get used to it…hell, she has no choice! lol but its getting frustrating…a week ago she was amazing on her leash! and now she’s lying down in the middle of the road and burying herself in snowbanks whenever possible (and making me DIG her out just to continue on our way).

argh! and she just peed on the floor. damn those little puppy bladders!! lol

i can’t wait for the day i dont have to take her downstairs every 15 minutes lol

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•New Photoshoot•

Since we had some nice weather over the weekend I took my camera out for a stroll.

My friend Kat was nice enough to model for me too!  We went downtown to Spencer Smith Park and as windy as it was I still got some nice shots in!  I even managed to snap a few of my gorgeous little pup!

Here are some teasers!

For the whole set, or if your interested in checking out any of my photos become a fan at my Facebook page!


I love to take peektures! lol

More updates to come! (once I’m home..and not at work… and on my own computer!)


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Today feels like one of the scariest days of my life.

Today my Grammy goes in for open heart surgery and a triple bypass.
Valentines Day will be her 91st birthday.

There is a 15% chance she won’t even make it through the surgery…which means there’s still 85% saying she’ll be fine.
Which is a fantastic percent…but it doesn’t make it any less terrifying.

She’s been feeling short of breath and very tired for a few months now.
When they took her to the doctors for ultrasounds on her chest & heart they found out that she had 3 clogged arteries near her heart.
one was 70% blocked….one was 80% blocked…and the third was 100% blocked.
Her choices were, take the risk and have this surgery…and if she survives she’ll live years longer.
OR…don’t have the surgery and worry every day about whether it’ll be her last.

My Grampa (her husband of almost 70 years) passed away just this past boxing day, and my family is still heartbroken from that.  Now we’re back in the hot seat again…back in hospitals…back to worrying constantly whether or not our family will continue to decrease in size.

Grammy is a strong, powerful woman.  I can only hope that I’ll grow up to be just like her.  I can only dream of the day Chris and I share our 70th wedding anniversary together.  I know that  Grammy is strong enough to make it through this!  She gave birth to 5 kids for christs sake! and raised them pretty much on her own! (my grampa being a politian and out on the road alot).  ….but i’m still extremely scared.  She’s been such an inspiration to me my whole life…i don’t know what i’d do without her.

My irrational fear of death is gripping at me once more.

I don’t believe in god..and i don’t pray….but Grammy does…so today, I’ll pray for her.

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[Princess] Leia

A couple of weeks ago Chris and I went out for dinner.
We’ve both been so busy with work that spending time together has taken a backseat lately.  Everything’s a little hectic right now what with saving for a wedding, a house and a life together.  So dinner sounded like a good idea.  We went to Kelseys, the one by Burlington Mall…dinner was great! The night was great! but before we could head on home we desperately needed to get some food for our rabbit & our rat.  Over to the mall we go.

Every time I go into Pet Needs in Burlington Mall my heart breaks a little.  There are SO many animals in there and I just want to take them ALL home.
The kittens are always mewing at me…the bunnies make cute chewing noises…and the puppies! OH the puppies! they are just adorable!…but expensive.

Chris and I have been saving to get a dog for a few years now.  We went through the notion of getting a small dog, like a boston terrier….then when my family dog Casey passed away (R.I.P. sweetheart) we thought about getting another Golden Retreiver…but we were scared of comparing her too much to Casey (who was THE greatest dog ever).

When we walked into the pet store that night I was immediately drawn to the pups at the back.
and there i found the most beautiful little girl i have EVER seen!  6 week old Siberian Husky. black, white and grey.  stubby little puppy legs. teeny little pot belly.
There was NO way i was letting this puppy go.

We put down a deposit that night and went back the next day to take our little one home.

Her name?  Leia Padme Hobin.
Now 8 weeks old.
Still as cute as ever!  She’s our endearing little princess…and I can’t imagine my life without her.

Our family is now complete…for now 🙂
Gambit & Wolverine (our 2 cats) are still getting used to her, but have become quite fond of the playful pup.
Beer & Elvis (rabbit & rat) have still yet to meet her, but it’s probably for the best…i’m sure she’d just want to play, and by george they’re just too small.

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