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•Update of the Century•

It’s been far too long since I’ve written here.  Alot has happened in the past month or so!

Leia is still growing! Getting bigger and bigger every day me thinks. lol
She’s not as big as we thought she’d be…even the vet was surprised the last time we had her in.
Originally they estimated she’d get to be about 50-60lbs. She’s 5 months old now and only 25lbs!  Our vet said she’ll probably get to about 40lbs…45 MAYBE.  YAY small doggie! lol

My sister has a puppy only a couple of days older than Leia, and she’s already 10lbs heavier than her! 

Leia is extraordinarily smart, and full of beans! She loves to run and jump and play and jump and run and play and chase and jump and run hahaha but she knows when its time to chill out and take a nap lol
Her only ‘working issue’ is our walks.  Sometimes she’s absolutely PERFECT!…aaand other times she just pulls and pulls. its very frustrating.  We’ve tried using the Halti, and she absolutely despises it.  She’ll wear it for a couple of minutes, but the second she pulls (or tries to pull) she freaks out and wiggles out of the damn thing. Then we KNOW we’re out for a terrible walk.  She’ll continue to pull and jerk and run and wiggle until we get her upstairs.    We’ve found its easier to just train her without it.  Occasionally we have a bad walk…but its still not as bad as attempting the Halti.

Leia Padmé ~5 months~

Wedding plans are coming along EXTREMELY well!  We have our reception all taken care of!  Dad has the chairs, archway, aisle runners and linens on order!  I HAVE MY DRESS!!! and all my girls have their dresses too!!  we all look SO amazing!…but me especially! CUZ IT’S MY WEDDING! hahaha  everything, and everyONE looks so good!

I designed my own wedding invites, and am printing them this weekend! Which means i have ALOT of invites to address this weekend! lol  I’m actually taking monday off of work…i need time to find envelopes, address everything, find a bridal tailor, and get my SHOES so i can actually have my dress altered properly!

Chelsea and i are meeting with a florist soon too! We’re going very simple with the flowers. I’m thinking bright & dark red gerbera’s with some baby’s breath…maybe some red roses?  all wrapped in tartan ribbon! (to match my man’s kilt!..and our boys’ ties! eee!!!)

Robertson Tartan


ON TOP of all this exciting, fun puppy & wedding stuff, my birthday just past by!  April 19th, i turned 23. lol exciting, i know.  My birthdays have THE worst karma EVER. i don’t remember the last time I had a good birthday, let alone an AMAZING one!  But my dear Christopher went out of his way to make sure this year kicked SERIOUS ass! AND IT DID!!!

He surprised me with a trip to Medieval Times!! I’ve NEVER been before and I’ve wanted to go for sooooo long!! It was SUCH an amazing time! I haven’t had that much fun in a long while 🙂  My brother and his girlfriend Jess came too…it was just so cool! 

Speaking of surprises!!! I got my hair done on my birthday and my hairdresser gave me BANGS! it’s sooo weird but i friggen LOVE IT! I’ve never had bangs before, so i feel like a little kid lol  its awesome though 🙂

Medieval Beers!


I got BANGED! <3


...still getting used to them lol

...still getting used to them lol

I think that’s about it folks!  I’ll try to update more often, so i don’t have to bombard you with these HUGE posts!….which i doubt anyone will read anyway hahaha



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