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The past couple of months have been pretty exciting! Nothing out of the ordinary really (other than meeting Kevin Smith of course!), but I’ve been enjoying myself and trying to relax as much as possible before “the big day”.  Although, that’s seemingly hard to do while working 12 hour shifts and packing for a big move.

Every weekend (usually sundays) Chris and I try to get out and spend the whole day outside.  We usually start with a little breakfast at Benny’s on Lakeshore Rd., and make our way down to the lake for a long 4-5 hour walk-a-thon along the beach strip and down to the Hamilton lift bridge.

She gets to bird watch!!

On the last weekend of May, Burlington Animal Aid hosted the Pooch Promenade at Spencer Smith Park.  It was such a gorgeous day, and Leia made SO many new friends.  They even had The Superdogs there doing tricks and stuff. Absolutely adorable! They even taught everyone there how WE could help train our doggies to do cool stuff!

I have also continued work on my Frankenstein leg sleeve tattoo.  With Frankenstein and his lovely Bride already residing on my shin, I have now had Greg (of True Grit Tattoos in Burlington) add the Dracula/Frankenstein Caslte to my calf.  We’ve got the outline and the dark shading done, and just have to fill ‘er in….which will come when I have more money. haha.  Here’s a crummy photo….

We’ve also had our Stag n’ Doe (which went superbly well!), but I’ll save that update and photo madness for another day!



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Yesterday was probably the most amazing day of my entire life.

Yesterday….I met Kevin Smith!

….it’s not like we hung out or anything significant, but I totally got an autograph and a couple of pics with him.  He’s such a fucking wicked dude and a comedic genius!  It was my equivalent of heaven lol I felt like a douche even asking for a photo…I mean, I’m sure he had better things to do with his time, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

I brought every Kevin Smith movie in my collection, but felt too stupid to ask him to sign them ALL….so I got Clerks signed.  It kicked serious ass.  He’s one seriously awesome dude!

it doesnt get any better than this!

it doesn't get any better than this!

Best day of LIFE!

Best day of LIFE!

Did I mention this was the best day EVER!?

Did I mention this was the best day EVER!?

We also met Dean Blundell! Sa-weeeet!

We also met Dean Blundell! Sa-weeeet!

Both Kevin & Dean had teams in Walter Gretzky’s ball hockey tournament in Brantford.  It was such a great game!  They had girls playing on their teams from a team in Georgia (i think), and they all played great! Dean was hilarious, as per usual…and Kevin unfortunately blew out his knee playing goal the day before, so he was on commentary for yesterday’s game.  Which was still awesome!

Dean’s team won in a shootout, and Kevin ended up donated a butt-load of money.

All-in-all…Yesterday=Baddass. ❤

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Now that I’ve calmed down a wee bit, I thought it would be nice to actually tell you all about my new house.  It’s an adorable semi-detached home on Spruce Ave., almost at Burloak Dr.  It was built in the 60’s (estimated), and renovated throughout 2002-2008.

The exterior needs a little bit of TLC, but the interior is in immaculate shape.  Fresh coats of paint in all the rooms…NEW finished basement…a cute little mudroom up front….and a fantastic textured paint job in the front hallway.

The kitchen is amazing! It has a nice window over the sink that overlooks the backyard (YAY! a backyard!) and lots of cupboard room!  Space enough for a little table in there, but we also have a dining room…which has plenty of space for my Grammy’s antique table, buffet & china cabinet.

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a backyard and a finished basement.  We couldn’t ask for more!
oh wait! yes we can! AN AMAZING price!!!

We move in August 4th (2 days after we’re home from our honeymoon)!
So we’ve got to be ready before the wedding!
July 25=wedding day.
July 26=leave for honeymoon
August 2=home from honeymoon
August 4=MOVE!

We DID manage to give ourselves enough time though. We scheduled our move OUT day for the end of August (at our apartment). That gives us all of August to move things in….so we don’t feel as rushed…i guess? lol I’m sure we’ll still be ready to go due to excitement!

Here are some pictures too oogle over 🙂 ❤


It’s going to look SO much better with all of MY stuff in it! ❤

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