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Those 4 things, as little as they may seem, have more meaning to me than anything else in the world.  I rose out of bed this morning at 7am with those 4 words imbedded in my brain, and I knew I had to write them down (apparently that’s a quality both my brother and I share).

Our wedding wasn’t just a celebration of our love for each other, but a celebration of family, of coming together as one, and of a deeper connection than anyone else could understand.


My Poppa, Peter Roy, immigrated to Canada from Scotland when he was only 17 years old.

Poppa has influenced my life in many ways, but the one thing that always sticks out in my mind was the way he dressed.  Normally in black sweats and a white sweater, or black slacks and a white shirt….but what I always loved the most about his wardrobe was his Kilt. Poppa didn’t own a suit…if any formal function occurred he always wore his Kilt.  It made him look so surreal…no one I knew as a kid wore a Kilt. It was SO cool! ….and common, he looked totally badass!

Poppa stood tall and proud when he wore his Kilt, and he made me proud too.

Poppa passed away in September of 2004.  His death was, and still is the hardest thing I’ve had to overcome.  It’s been 5 years, and I’m still trying to come to terms with it…it still breaks my heart.

The fact that Chris wore my Poppa red Robertson Kilt on our wedding day meant more to my and my family than you could possibly understand.  My Scottish heritage is very important to me because of my Poppa, and because of how tall and proud he stood when wearing his Kilt.

Seeing Chris in that Kilt made me more proud than I have ever been before.
…and I know Poppa would have been proud of him too.


On top of being damn good lookin’ in a kilt, Poppa was also a great writer of poetry.  A great fan of Robert Burns, Poppa wrote poems for every occasion.  I don’t think my Nana ever once received a card from my Poppa.  He always wrote her poems instead.

I love reading Poppa’s poems.  They are beautiful, funny, heartfelt and insightful.  I’ve learned a lot about my family, most importantly about my Poppa, by reading his poetry.

When I was born my Poppa wrote poems for me.  One of which my Uncle Neil read at my wedding reception….if you were there, you know the one.  That poem always has, and always will make me feel so important.  I read it any chance I get…although every time I do, I bawl my eyes out.

Unfortunately as time went on Poppa was in and out of hospitals more frequently, and he wrote less and less.  During one of his hospital stays (when I was just a kid) I decided to write him a poem…in hopes of coaxing him out of the hospital bed and into his own at home.  Home didn’t seem as scary.

I can’t remember all of the verses, but I do remember this…somewhere in that poem I wrote that I wanted him to be there on my wedding day…watching me walk down the aisle (I think at a church just by the bay…or something equally silly. lol I was just a wee one! I needed a rhyming word for ‘day’)…  Even though I was just a kid, I meant what I said….not the church by the bay part, but the being there on my wedding day part.  I knew then that he was slipping away from us, and I was horrified to think that he might not be there on my big day.

Poppa may have passed away 5 years ago, but I know he was there with us on Saturday.

I know he was.


Lawrence Mannell is my Grandfather.  Most affectionately known as Laurie.

I, obviously, was named after him.

My dad was the youngest of 5 children for Grammy & Grandpa. By the time I was born, Grandpa was already into his 70’s.  He was much quieter than Poppa (but then again, who isn’t!?), and he kept to himself alot more….but Grandpa was always there.  Behind a newspaper, watching his Soap Operas (loud enough for the neighbourhood to hear lol) or helping us finish our Light Brite.

I always remember Grandpa being the strong, quiet (but definitely not silent) type…but hot damn! If you got his talking politics or trains that man would talk your ears off!

Grandpa was a man of strong conviction, and he stood up for what he believed was right…right for his family, right for his city, right for himself.

Grandpa passed away December 26, 2008.  He would have turned 94 years old that coming March.

The name Laurie [Lori] comes with great power & significance to me.
I am overly proud and honoured to be named after my Grandfather.
I can only hope to be even half the person he was.

•Important Dates•

On July 25, 1939 my Grammy & Grandpa were saying their vows to each other.

On July 25, 2009 Chris & I were saying our vows to each other.

It would have been Grammy & Grandpa’s 70th wedding anniversary.

We didn’t plan to have our wedding on the same day….Our anniversary was July 22, we simply picked the closest saturday to that date.  It was my dad who reminded me when I told him.

Grammy & Grandpa were only a year or so younger than we are now, when they got married. 70 Years!  Most marriages nowadays are lucky to last 1 year.

Grammy (91 years young) got up to speak at our wedding reception, and her words of wisdom for lasting 70 years were something like this: “Never stop talking to each other….even if you have to talk loudly.”

Hopefully Chris & I can do Grammy & Grandpa proud.

We’re now at a condo in Wasaga Beach for our honeymoon…we planned to come here because a friend of the family offered us this condo as a wedding gift.  When we told Grammy that this was our honeymoon plan she told us that after her wedding, her and Grandpa got on a bus and drove to Wasaga Beach for their honeymoon.

Until that moment I had never known their honeymoon destination….now all I know is that with a start to our wedding that matches Grammy & Grandpa’s, Chris and I are bound for success.  If it worked for them, it surely must work for us too! lol

Before we left on our journey up north Grammy gave my dad some of my Grandfather’s ashes to give to us.  She asked if we could please scatter them into Georgian Bay, so that Grandpa could share our honeymoon with us, and forever remember his own.  I have never been more honoured.

Here’s to 3 of the most important men in my life, My Poppa, my Grandpa & my Husband!
Because of you 3 I am a better person, and I love you all very, very much.

Poppa & Grandpa <3

Poppa & Grandpa ❤

Chris & I <3

Chris & I ❤


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•4 More Days!•

Only four more days left until Chris and I get married.

I’m totally and completely full of butterflies.

I found this old photo of Chris and I from back in 2002-2003 I think.


It feels like we’ve been together forever, but alas, it’s only been 5 years 😛 (as of tomorrow!)
Which is still a milestone for most people.

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•Ten Days•

Today is July 15, 2009….and that means that there is only 10 more days until I am Mrs. Christopher Hobin!  ….weird. lol 🙂

We’ve got our wedding rings….we’ve written our vows…our dresses, suits & ties are all ready to go!  My mom put the girls bouquets, the boys boutonnieres & my big bouquet all together! (we’re using silk flowers due to Chelsea being allergic to life lol, and because I want to keep mine forever!).

I only have one more week of work until i’m off for 2 weeks! THAAANK GOD! I couldn’t be more excited! lol Don’t get me wrong!…I’m SO STOKED for the wedding and honeymoon….but I am ecstatic for time off work!!!! hahaha

I’ve been addicted to the 14 day weather trend since July 25th showed up on it lol
I KNOW the weather can change but i’m SO paranoid that it’s going to rain…i don’t reeeeally care…we DO have a backup plan incase it rains, but it’s just going to be so much easier if it doesn’t.

July 25th! Cloudy, but no rain!?

July 25th! Cloudy, but no rain!?

We’ve also bought our guestbook…aaaand my mom bought Chris something for the honeymoon…it’s lingerie….for me…for Chris… LOL my mom is rediculous.

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I’ve been busting my ass working far too much lately…and with only 23 days left until the wedding I needed to get my ass in gear!  We JUST started packing up our apartment.

Life’s a little chaotic right now.

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