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My life is complete ❤

only a couple more weeks until my Death Star cookie jar arrives.

In the mean time, I’m preoccupying myself with my wonderful husband and puppy.

it doesn’t get any better than this


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My apologies! I haven’t updated in a few months…but I have reason!

Our house is looking more and more awesome by the day.  We’ve been working really hard on the kitchen & dining room…we wanted it painted and finished before Thanksgiving! We’re all done, minus one wall that still needs wallpapering. 



The bedroom still lingers on being painted. I had a whole plan for it, but now I’m not sure….so I’m giving myself time to think more about it.  For now I’m just buying Ikea things for it and trying to make it look as cute as possible.

The basement is starting to come along nicely…as nice as the rest of our house becomes ourr basement still remains our dirty bar/rec room.  We spend most of our time down here considering it’s where the tv/xbox/bar resides….but I have recently become quite fond of my quiet living room and jazz radio.


And speaking of peace and quiet, our street itself is absolutely amazing.  Everything around here is beautiful, and you should see the fall colours! (coming soon!)  Even the view to our front yard from my jazz-filled living room is breathtaking.

I have lots more to update on, but I’ll leave that for another day.
By the looks of it, I’m going to have alot of spare time on my hands…that is, if I’m not totally over run by my job.


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