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•Foggy November Night•

Fog captivates me.
I love the way it obscures light and blurs your vision.
As someone with absolutely terrible vision it makes me feel a little more normal.
A foggy night makes everyone see a fraction of how I see without glasses/contacts…I say ‘a fraction’ because my eyesight is frightening.  Without my glasses/contacts everything is a mess…I can see fragments of objects and blurry lights, but there is always one light source that always stands apart from all others.  When your vision is as terrible as mine bright lights are very attractive…it’s really all I can see…makes you feel like a moth.

Being able to take a photograph of my beloved foggy night is a blessing.
Here’s a ‘fraction’ of a sneak peek through my eyes.



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•Early November•

The weather is absolutely beautiful this weekend and I took full advantage of it.

We spent the majority of yesterday at Lasalle Park in Burlington with a couple of photographer friends.  I got some swell photographs before my battery died.

For anyone who doesn’t know me…the last 2 photos are quite impressive! Not because the photo itself is fantastic, but because I am absolutely 100% petrified of birds! ESPECIALLY swans and geese! I was actually that close to those birds, and NO panic attack ensued! …ok…so I freaked a little…but it was worth it!

Today we spent the early afternoon at the W.A.G. Dog Park on King Rd. w/ Leia, and my brother and their dog Lexxie.  Lots of fun ensued! There were tons of people with tons of dogs there! It was so much fun, and Leia’s been sleeping like a baby since we got home :]


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•Nikon D90•

I caved.  I finally caved.
I saved up my money, dipped into our savings (just a little bit), and bought myself a new play thing….a Nikon D90.
If feels as if I’ve been waiting for this all my life.  For once I feel like I could actually make something of this whole Photography thing.  I love taking photos so much!…and now I feel like I could actually accomplish something.

Isn’t she beautiful?  I haven’t named her yet….she still needs to earn a name.  I’m taking her out shooting this weekend, so we’ll see what turns up.  In the mean time here’s a couple new photos ❤


I’m very excited to get out this weekend and take more photos.  I learn something new every time!


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