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•LD Update!•

I’ve updated my LD Photography tab on my blog’s homepage with some new photos from January!

I’d like to thank my husband for allowing me to spend all our money on new lenses lol


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•14 Pedestrian Deaths?•

In all of 2009, the city of Toronto recorded 31 pedestrian fatalities…. the entire year.

In 2010, the city of Toronto has already recorded an astonishing 14 pedestrian deaths!  It’s not even February.

Not only is this number astonishing….it’s down right frightening….and I’m thanking God I don’t live in Toronto right now.

Here’s the link to the latest article: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/755854–woman-dies-at-accident-scene?bn=1

There needs to be stricter laws put in place for drivers of all ages….most importantly beginners and the elderly, but there should also be mandatory testing every 5 years or so!  Just because you managed to pass your driving test doesn’t mean you’re actually cautious and attentive while on the road.  These tests should be like a summons to be on a jury….just a random note in the mail stating you need to complete a test within the month to retain your licence.  That way no one has time to learn to pretend they’re good enough to drive.

Have you ever watched Canada’s Worst Driver?  I think ALL driver’s testing needs to be THAT hands on and in your face.  There is way to much that driving school and G1/G2 testing doesn’t teach you!  I’m a pretty cautious driver but I know I’ve made my mistakes…everyone does.  You’d be a fool to say you’ve never caused one little traffic infraction…speeding, texting/calling, running a yellow/red light… Watching Canada’s Worst Driver has actually taught me quite a bit!  Things like backing up a motor home with a trailer attached to it into a camp site, how to spin out without freaking out, or how to parallel park a motor home between two very, very expensive cars.

The fact that the candidates on this show even have their licences is well beyond me…whoever passed them should be shot…or, you know, run over.  It’s ridiculous!! And to think that that’s only 8 people out of god knows how many nominated people that drive THAT terribly.  Just think about how many people were probably nominated for one reason or another…

There are WAY too many bad drivers out there, and Toronto’s disgusting pedestrian death toll is just one example.

People need to be so much more careful while out on the streets….especially in a city as busy as Toronto.
Take the time to put down your phone, stop texting for one second, take a look around you THEN cross the street.
As children are we not taught to look both ways before we cross the street?  To get off your bike and walk across an intersection rather than ride?

Do we all lose our common sense as we grow old?

These types of accidents could be so easily avoided…We all need to be a lot more careful.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of those who have passed in car or car/pedestrian fatalities.

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•He Lives!•

My love for Elvis knows no bounds.

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•Book Worm•

One of my New Years Resolutions was to start reading more…and to read more diverse books.

Well I am reading more! Currently dabbling in FOUR different books! Although none of which are that different from what I normally read….but I’ll get around to it.  I have all year to find new things!

To keep up with my new book reading I’ve stolen Adriane’s “Currently Reading” widget idea from her blog. lol  Hope you don’t mind hun! It’s a fantastic idea! And since I’m constantly checking on my own blog I’ll always have a reminder to continue reading, or find something new!

I’m almost done reading Seeking Spirits by T.A.P.S co-founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.  I love their show Ghost Hunters, so naturally when I found out they had a couple of books I went out and bought them.  Their stories are amazing, and whether you believe in ghosts or not it’s just a great read….especially if you believe in ghosts. lol

I’ve also started reading both Kevin Smith’s My Boring Ass Life, and Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter By Design.
Both equally amazing books in two totally different ways. lol  I love everything Kevin Smith…He’s the most hysterical man I know, and I’ve been lucky enough to actually meet him too!  I bought both this book and his Shootin’ the Shit with Kevin Smith book.  Haven’t had a chance to even flip through Shootin’ the Shit, but I’ll get around to it!
Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter books have all been an amazing read! Dexter By Design is his latest instalment, and even though I only got to a few chapters in before I picked up Seeking Spirits, it’s lived up to the Dexter name.  The books are equally as great as the television show, but have a MUCH bigger impact on you as you read.  You get a real intimate look into Dexter’s Dark Passenger that  you just can’t see in the t.v. series.  I can’t wait to get back into this book again!

On my list of Books to Start Reading Sooner Than Later is the above book, Voices from Chernobyl.
It’s full of first hand accounts of the Chernobyl Plant nuclear explosions of April 1986.  I heard about this unfortunate incident about a month ago while watching Destination Truth (a tv show on after Ghost Hunters, about a guy who travels the world investigating mythical creatures and the paranormal).  It’s a terrifying true story about a nuclear power plant explosion that devastated much of Eastern Europe.  I’ve spent hours reading about it online.  You can read more about the book here:


It’s a chilling tale really.  The effects of it have been seen world-over.  I fully expect this to be a heart-breaking, gut-wrenching read, but I’m so intrigued by the strength and the power of the people affected by this tragedy, and their ability to live with their unfortunate tales. They are so brave to come forward and speak about their illnesses and their heartache.  They’re much stronger people than I will ever be.

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•On The Prowl•

I am currently obsessed with trying to find a new way to organize our massive DVD collection.

I love the wall mount shelves we are using now, but as DVD collectors, it’s just not practical.

Currently we have about 8 of these, arranged portrait (not landscape, as shown above) on our basement wall.  They’re placed semetrically between two light fixtures on the wall.  They look fantasic, and I love the fact that they’re off the floor leaving more room for our 2nd couch.  The only problem being that we now have more movies sitting around, and nowhere to put them…adding another shelf means placing it to the left OR right of the currently semetrical shelves.  I cannot deal with it being un-semetrical.  Cannot deal with it lol.  BUT we don’t have enough movies yet to put up TWO more shelves (so it’ll be balanced).  See my dilemma?

We’ve been to Ikea a couple of times now, and have failed to find anything awesome that I can use.  We used to keep them all on two BILLY bookcases, but I didn’t like how deep the bookcases are.  I liked the height and width of them, but the depth was about twice the size of a DVD.  Being a short person, seeing DVD’s on the top shelf was just a pain in the ass.  I really like the BILLY Bookcase though! Especially these nice wooden ones:

They’re about 6′ tall and 3′ wide (give or take).  Two of these bookcases didn’t hold all our movies….I’ve found DVD equivalent shelves, but they’re too short or not wide enough (I’d end up having to buy like 4-5 of them just to fit all my DVDs!)

See how little! They’re not even 4′ tall!  I don’t want white shelves in my basement, but they are $29.99/ea compared to the brown one shown that’s $49.99!  Plus, I don’t want to have to spend another $20-$40/ea on shelf height extenders.  I’m just trying to find a shelf the same DEPTH as the two above cases, but the height and width of the BILLY bookcases! Why is this so damn hard?! lol  I’m also on a budget here….otherwise I’d buy this and just deal with it:

It’s almost $500 for the whole thing….I’m sure it wouldn’t even fit nicely in our basement, but I wouldn’t even care lol

My REAL solution: Win the lottery and buy a bigger house 🙂
But I don’t even play the lottery….so I don’t see that happening lol

Where in God’s name can I find decent DVD shelves!?  I need a better solution….

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I’m not big on New Years Resolutions…I never have been.
I’m great at keeping promises to others, but I am terrible at keeping them with myself.
I tend to think about/care for/make happy everybody else before I think about myself…which, you know, isn’t a terrible thing (I have amazing friends and family!) but it doesn’t hurt to be a bit selfish sometimes. I do have to think about my needs and what makes me happy too!

So…for the first time since Elementary School (when the teacher made you write them down), here are my New Years Resolutions for 2010!

#1: Be Optimistic!

I am a terribly pessimistic human being.  I always assume the worst in almost every situation, and usually end up disappointed because of it.  I constantly fret about the “what ifs” and show total disregard for “living in the moment”.  My main goal in everything I do this year is to be optimistic! Fuck the “what ifs”!  2010 is the year of “living in the moment”!  I have everything I want in life right now; a husband who loves me, an adorable husky puppy who couldn’t possibly be more affectionate, 2 quirky kitty cats (although I think one of them can read minds is quite possibly planning his World Domination…), a new house, and a lifetime of happiness ahead of me!  I should have nothing to fret over this year!

#2: Take More Photos!

I know, I know….I take enough photos as is, but I really want to work on expanding my portfolio this year.  I love photography so much, and I really want to spend more time focusing on what could possibly be a new career path!  I want to have some great shots to show potential clients!  I want to expand my knowledge of photography…it’s history, it’s future and how to work some of these damn buttons on my camera! lol
I want to go on more adventures and plan new photography-based trips…which leads me to Resolution #3…

#3: Go on Adventures/Trips!

…or even A trip for that matter.  In the 5 1/2 years that Chris and I have been together we’ve never gone on a trip together.  Sure we’ve gone to places like Grand Bend, Wasaga Beach, Niagara Falls…but I mean a real trip.  I want to see something exotic!  Something new!  Something I’ve only ever dreamed of or seen in pictures!  Somewhere I can take my own pictures, show them to friends and have them go “WOW! I wish I could go there! You’re SO lucky!”  (…because that person is usually me lol).  Even a smaller scale trip somewhere outside of ONTARIO would be nice.  I want to see something new.

#4: Become More Active!

I’ve been struggling with my weight for a couple of years now…well, actually ever since we moved home from Manitoba.  I gained about 40lbs while living there…and we only lived there a year…yeesh.  Being the procrastinating pessimist that I am it’s been really hard to take it off and keep it off.  I lost about 20lbs last year, and then gained it all back a few months later….I’ve taken some steps at becoming more active already.  I totally don’t feel comfortable in gyms…even when I was super skinny I hated them….so my wonderful husband took all my not-so-subtle hints and bought me a Wii and Wii Fit for Christmas.  I’ve already used it a few times since then and I adore it!  I love the fact that I can do it in the privacy of my own home…I can choose when and where to do it, and I can work at my own chubby girl pace! lol  I want nothing more than to lose weight this year….this really should have been my #1 resolution lol

#5: Learn More Recipes!

I’m not too shabby in the cooking department, but I’m stuck in a rut.  With both of our jobs being so busy I tend to just cook the same several meals over and over again…I know them, they’re easy and they are pretty damn delicious!  BUT, I want to learn more!  I want to be able to cook extravagant meals…something new and fun!  I don’t even know how to cook a turkey for christs sake! It’s not that I think it’ll be difficult or anything, I just never have! lol

#6: Completely Settle into our New Home!

This includes everything from hanging frames & mirrors, to painting the basement and re-doing the bathroom in the basement.  I’d love to have it all done before the end of 2010!  The basement will be a huge job…there’s alot of trim to do, and alot of wall space to cover.  The basement by far is our biggest project for 2010.  We keep changing our plans for our bedroom…it’s already half painted, but we keep switching back and forth between wallpapering the one wall or painting it and we just can’t seem to make up our minds.  We also have alot of outdoors work to do this spring/summer.  We want to take out a couple of the gardens, re-sod parts of the backyard (due to Leia digging humongous  holes…), tear out the crab apple tree in the backyard and rebuild a newer/taller fence at the back of our property.  The tree and the fence are my #1 priority though.

#7:  Keep in Touch with Friends!

With my two best friends (my maid of honor and Chris’ best man!) moving to Prince George, BC and with us moving to the other side of town we really want to keep in touch with our friends.  Alot of our friends live closer to/in downtown Burlington, with a few more scattered across Hamilton & Oakville we don’t really live central to anyone anymore….AND we don’t own a car.  It’s hard to get around to see everyone, and we just can’t afford to spend nights at bars and cab it home.  Whether it’s through facebook, this blog, or starting to use that thing called a telephone I want to keep in touch more with my friends.  I feel as if I’ve lost touch with a couple of close friends in 2009 and I’d like to work towards gaining those close friendships back.

It’s been really tough since Chelsea and Paul moved to BC….I feel a little lost in the friend department.  I’ve known both of them for so many years now, and now that they’re so far away I can’t help but feel a little lonely at times.  That’s not to say that I AM lonely….we’ve also made a few new friends recently who are fantastically amazing people!  ….I just miss my Chelsea Buns ❤

#8: Keep Away From Drama!

2009 was The Year of Drama for Chris and I….between the wedding, the stag n doe, family and friends we had drama coming out our ears!  Planning the wedding and stag n doe was a near disaster due to wedding party complications, some of our close friends’ relationships and lives took a serious turn for the worst, and I’m still not 100% sure what’s going on with a few members of my family….but in 2010 I want it all to just disappear. I’m very proud of my friends who have turned their lives around and have taken the necessary steps to making a better, brighter tomorrow!  I wish you all the best and I love you very much! (you know who you are!)

I have taken it upon myself to stay away from ridiculous teenage, high school drama from here on out! Who needs it!? I’m married! I’m not a kid anymore, and I don’t need to be the person sitting in the middle of an argument passing information between 2 people who refuse to talk to one another….Nor do I want to be the middle man in any situation anymore!  I will always be here to help a friend in need…but only if they’re willing to help themselves too.  I can’t do it all, nor do I want to…sometimes you’ve got to help yourselves.  I have enough of my own stress to worry about, and stay positive about as per Resolution Numero Uno! lol

#9: Read More!

I do read quite a bit as is…I’ve always been an avid reader…But as I read through Adriane’s Resolution blog the other day I realized I tend to do the same thing as her…I stick to one type of book.  I love a good horror book! Something with mystery and violence and detective work (currently reading the latest installment of the Dexter series, “Dexter by Design” by Jeff Lindsay).  My 2009 book collection consists mainly of mystery, horror, ghost & vampire books and biographies…wrestler’s and Elvis Presley’s biographies in particular.  I really need to expand my horizon and delve into something new.  I like to collect things…my book and movie collections are beyond normal…so I tend to buy books that I know I’ll read rather than take out Library books.  I need a new Library card.  Up until 2008 (when my wallet was stolen from a McDonalds…) I still had my Library card from when I was just a little kid.  With my name written on the back in my adorable little kid scrawl and everything!…damn I miss that card lol

Getting back on track, I’d love some recommendations of fantastic books that people have read.  I need a new theme for my 2010 book collection!

#10: Keep Writing.

This last resolution is very important to me.  I’ve had a few different blogs over the years and I’ve always lost interest in them.  I absolutely love to write!  When I was younger I spent days on end writing poems and letters and notes about everything and anything that was going on around me.  Given, alot of them are pretty teen-angsty, but they’re still good regardless.  I haven’t written a poem in several months, and that kinda makes me sad.  I got my poem-writing ability from my Poppa I’m sure.  He was an avid poem writer, and continued to write poems to my Nana (his wife) up until his last few months of life.  If you’ve read through my long blog posts before you’ll know how much my Poppa and his poetry mean to me, and my family as well.  I’ve always been very proud of my poems and my writing because of my Poppa and I’d like to get back on track with it.

When I was younger most of my poems were about being lonely, about being a loser and a nerd, and about not having any real friends…which were all true feelings at that time in my life….Now I’ve embraced most of those feelings and I love the fact that I’m a Star Wars geek!  I love that I only have a few close friends (I know I don’t need everyone to like me lol), and I absolutely LOVE how nerdy and retarded I am most of the time lol.  I have a husband now.  I have a wonderful family.  I need to start writing again, otherwise someone’s going to look back on my poems when I die (like my family did after my Poppa passed away), and think I was some strange, delusional, emo psychopath hahaha!  I think the last notable thing I’ve written was my blog post after our wedding entitled “Kilts, Poems, Namesakes and Important Dates”. (you can find that here: http://loridark.com/2009/07/28/•kilts-poems-namesakes-important-dates•-a-closer-look-into-our-wedding/)
I’m a pretty emotional person (I get that from my father…if you were at our wedding, you know lol), and I need to write, and I need to write more often.  Even if it’s just here, in this blog.

Thank you to everyone who does visit here and takes the time to read my blog.
I love hearing your comments, whether it’s about my ramblings or about my photos!
I know some of these posts are long and probably boring, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Cheers to a fantastically awesome 2010!

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