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This lunch break is brought to you by:  Lori’s overactive imagination.

I have weird dreams.  All the time.  I know everyone dreams a lot, every night, but not everyone remembers their dreams.  I don’t remember all of mine, but I always remember at least one every night.  And it’s always in great detail.  So much so that I have a hard time remembering whether things were dreams or reality….they’re not always so weird that they couldn’t be true.  They’ve also left me with quite the active deja-vu.

Last night’s dream has stuck with me….even now, I can remember even some of the smallest details. Lets say, for example, the china patterns on the plates, or the brand name of the garbage in the yard….the little things I looked passed in the dream I see clearly now.  Maybe it’ll make more sense if I just explain it all.

It was a dull, rainy day.  Chris and I were walking to visit my grandmothers, who lived together in a small, rundown-looking cottage in a residential area.  Not a busy area, but there were some other houses close by.  My dream never mentioned just WHY my Nana & Grammy were living together in this house, just that they were indeed living there.

It was a cute little house, but very overgrown and dirty.  The windows were smudged inside and out with dirt.  Vines and weeds had grown up all sides of the house, so that you could barely tell it was a log cabin-type of home.  There was an orange, ornamental pattern that lined the top of the house, just before the roof, and yellowed curtains in the square framed windows.  The left side of the house was totally encompassed in bushes.  I couldn’t see past the front door (which was closer to the left side of the home).  On the right side of the house was a small sunroom.  Maybe 10’x15′ in size.  It had a circular window that faced the street, and another matching one on east side.  There was a bench in front of the house between the front door and the sun room.  A large, bare tree sat in the middle of the front yard, almost covering the front of the house (had it been in bloom).

Chris and I walked up the front path (lined with small, but out of control bushes) around to the side of the house.  We didn’t bother using the front door.  Chris seemed nervous about the whole thing.  At the side of the house grew more large bushes.  Mostly green, but looking rusty in patches.  A small, black metal fence lined the yard.  The entire back yard was littered in trash.  Old gas cans, WD40 containers, even an old, rusted, obviously broken lawn mower.  Scattered between all the garbage, were old, rusty car parts, decomposing food & a rusted out swing set.

We pushed our way through the side gate and through the trash in the back yard and made our way into the sunroom.  Both Grammy & Nana were sitting there.  As soon as I opened the door into the sun room I was automatically forced backwards by some unseen force.  I knew immediately that the house was haunted and that my Grandmothers were being trapped there.  I was suddenly the center of attention to these spirits and they knew I could hear them.  They all began yelling at me and trying to get my attention.  No one else seemed to notice them at all.  My cousin David was there.  He was helping Grammy get dressed so we could all go out on a walk…we needed to get them out of the house.  He even helped her put on make up…it looked terrible..but it WAS her favourite colour…purple.

Nana was desperately trying to push her wheelchair through the very small kitchen off the back of the sunroom….I could see the spirits around her pushing her back & away from the front room, but no one else could.  Nana blamed her stubborn chair.  When she finally made it into the kitchen she placed more dirty dishes on top of the every-growing pile of plates on the counter.  Pale yellow plates with an orange/brown floral pattern around the outside.  Even though they were used they still sparkled brightly on the counter top.  She couldn’t turn around in the kitchen (in her wheel chair) so she backed out slowly and came back to meet us in the sun room.

I never got to go through-out the rest of the house, but something told me I didn’t want to…actually not so much some”thing” but someone.  The spirits were angry that I was there and didn’t want me to take my Grandmothers away from them.  But I did. As fast as I possibly could.  Chris grabbed Nana’s wheel chair and I grabbed Grammy’s hand, and as calmly as we could (so not to freak them out) we left the house.  As soon as we stepped outside the big tree in the back yard started to bloom with bright pink flowers.  The grass grew over the trash and soon the backyard was a vibrant green.  Grammy gasped in amazement.  We followed the path to the front of the house, and the large, bare tree in the front yard bloomed as well.

We walked away from that house…far, far away.  Neither Grammy or Nana complained about the distance.  The further we walked the quieter the spirits became.  They weren’t yelling at me anymore, but some were still whispering.  They were either so loud I couldn’t make them out, or whispering too quietly.  I felt very sad for them.  They didn’t want to harm Nana or Grammy, but they really were upset that we took them.  We didn’t stop walking until we got back to my parents house….which was very far away.  There was no concept of time, but I know we walked far.

Once at my parents house, we kissed them goodbye and I grabbed Chris’ hand and we walked away.
I woke up when we reached the end of the street.

The thing that stuck with me the most was the house itself.  It was so real.
So much so in fact, that I sketched it out….maybe one day I’ll see it for myself…for real.  Then again, maybe not.  There was nothing surreal about it.  It all seemed very normal…even the spirits didn’t freak me out.  They just worried me because they wouldn’t calm down enough to let me listen.

Needless to say, I woke up extremely tired this morning.  This dream absolutely exhausted me.  I felt completely drained.

The front of the house

Side view of the house


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It’s not often that I have an entire weekend to spend with Chris.  He works so, so much…a “short” day for him is usually still a 12 hour shift AND he works on Saturdays.  Luckily for me he told his boss he was NOT coming in this weekend, so I got to spend a whole TWO DAYS with him!

My plan for the weekend consisted of:

Book Reading
and Sleep.
…yeah, right.  With Chris home for two whole days we ended up doing the following:

Kitchen renovation (fixing hole created by Chris & my dad while fixing the plumbing in the bathroom above)
Bathroom renovation (removing everything from the walls, painting & installing new fixtures)
We DID manage to get to the cinema last night!
And we did manage to have at least one meal together lol

I can’t complain though…we have a lot of great ideas for this house and with him working all the time nothing ever gets done.  I know that makes me sound horribly lazy…”Why doesn’t she just do it herself?”…The answer, my friends, is that although I’m not Canada’s Worst Handyman, I’m not great at it either.  My dad has taught me a lot, but I don’t feel comfortable doing most of the work without help or supervision. lol

Take, for instance the bathroom project.  I’m totally fine painting and lying floor tiles…but I can’t paint until the light fixtures, mirror & (gigantor) medicine cabinet are off the walls.  I wouldn’t have an issue with the medicine cabinet if it wasn’t as big as my closet (seriously people..it’s unnecessarily large), but I definitely don’t want to mess around with anything electrical (history of electric shock) and the mirror is a total no-go.  I’d end up shattering it and/or slicing myself up.  My bathroom would end up looking like a scene from Dexter.  I’m too accident prone…  Half the time I can’t even walk straight. lol

The bathroom is pretty small though, so it’s not a huge project.
Here’s a before and during (still waiting for paint to dry):



it’s already bigger without the medicine cabinet/closet in there. Here’s the new lights & cabinet we’re putting in!


Then we’re installing a rounded shower curtain rod.
The last things on the list are new floor tiles and a new counter top to match everything, but those are also the more expensive things…so they may have to wait a bit.  I’m also still not 100% sure what colours I want for either.

As for the kitchen…well that’s still a work in progress.

One leaking drain = one big hole in the kitchen

But Christopher knows drywall, so it’ll get done…eventually lol
Once it’s complete we’ll be repainting & wainscotting the  kitchen. I’d like to get new cupboards too, but I highly doubt that’ll be anytime soon…so for now we’ll just repaint them white, and try and keep chris’ dirty mits off of them! lol

We have a list a mile long of what else we plan to do, but it’ll be spread out throughout the year.  We also plan on vacationing to Cuba (or somewhere warm) this year, so I don’t want to spend ALL our money on home projects!


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The company I work for did some post cards for Star Wars Day TO!  Which is, for all of you non-nerds, May 4th….as in May the 4th be with you 😉  In return we received tickets to the Star Wars Day TO show, held at the Underground Theatre in Toronto.  It was the first time they had held this event, and I sure as hell hope they do it again next year!

Chris and I dressed up as Han Solo & Leia Organa.  Duh!  Any chance we get to wear our costumes we take it!

We watched a bunch of amazing Star Wars tributes & mashups from the webbernet, played Original Trilogy Trivia & they even had a costume contest!  Neither Chris or I won, but I didn’t expect to…there were super rad little kids there all dressed up too!  You seriously couldn’t expect me to take a prize away from them! They were much cuter anyway lol

OH! and the 501st Stormtrooper Legion was there. Badass!  I need to get me a Sandtrooper suit….pronto.

Check out @StarWarsDayTO on twitter and lets make this an annual event!

Here’s a few pics I took!
Check out LOTS more on my flickr!   — all I ask is that if you use the photos for Facebook, or on a website, etc. that you please credit LD Photography (www.ldphotography.ca)…it would be greatly appreciated. ❤

And may the force be with you.

(Chris) Han Solo

High fives!

Costume Contest!

Leia & Artoo ❤

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It was announced yesterday, May 1, 2011, that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

My heart goes out to the many lives affected by the tragedy of 9/11.

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