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I love movies.

No…that’s an understatement.  I fucking LOVE movies!

We, my husband and I, have a vast collection of movies. Old & new.  Disney & Horror.  Totally awesome & totally lame.  I don’t care…I absolutely love movies.

What I don’t love is skydiving, bungee jumping, sword swallowing or any other insanely ridiculous/dangerous thing most people add to their Bucket List.  I live a pretty simple life and no where in it is there a desire to almost kill myself for the fun of it.

So in lieu of a death-defying Bucket List I’ve created my Must-See Movies Bucket List.  A list of movies I need to see before I die.  There are far too many great movies out that that I haven’t laid my eyes on…and being the cinephile I am it’s just plan silly that I haven’t seen some of them.  Like Casablanca!  Who the hell hasn’t seen Casablanca!?…This girl.

I’m starting tonight.  The first movie I’ll be crossing off my list is Field of Dreams.  I know right….how have I not already watched this!?

Please comment here or on my Must-See Movies Bucket List page and let me know which movies you would recommend.  Serious suggestions only, please!

I’ll keep adding to the list as suggestions come in (or as I think of new ones!) and I’ll cross them off as I watch them.  I’ll update my blog about them too as I go!

Keep an eye out! Maybe there’s some you haven’t seen either 😉



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