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I’ve decided to blog about my dreams.
They’re always very realistic, yet very, very strange.
I deal with a lot of deja vu because of my dreams due to how ridiculously real they seem.

This one started at a bus stop downtown Burlington.  Chris and I were living downtown again, but not in the same building. We were attending a carnival at Spencer Smith Park that wasn’t Sound of Music, or like anything I’ve ever seen there before.  It looked more like one of those creepy carnivals you see in horror movies…you know, the half broken-down, trinket music-playing ones that people still apparently crowd around.  We weren’t scared though…it was just another normal day for us.

We were waiting for a bus right in front of the marry-go-round. The music playing on it was bone chilling, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  As I leaned against the nearby newspaper box I realized it was absolutely covered in really big ants.  Huge ones.  All over the damn thing.  Actually all 3 of the paper boxes at this bus stop were being devoured by these ants….but I wanted a Metro newspaper….badly.  I asked Chris to help me, but he was too busy watching the marry-go-round, singing along with the creepy tin music.  I opened the stand to find a larger cluster of bigger ants on the inside too!  But i still wanted my damn metro newspaper…”a girls gotta read her horoscope!” were my exact words.

I reached in, grabbed the paper and shook off all attached gigantor-ants…I read my horoscope “Your bus is here” it said.   My bus pulled up to the stop and I got on.

By the time I reached the next bus stop (at the Travelodge) I realized I forgot something at home and proceeded to exit the bus.  I didn’t feel like going home so we just went to the carnival instead….I don’t remember where we were even going on that bus, but apparently it wasn’t that important.

We played a couple carnival games and decided to head home….we ended up at my parents house, rather than our own apartment.  My dad was trying to open the pool for the summer.  Mark & Nina were there with Addison, and she was hungry.  I asked Nina if it was ok for me to feed her and she said it was fine.  I proceeded to heat up a microwavable pizza for myself and Addi-Bean to share….apparently babies love pizza?  Spinach pizza to be exact.  Remarkably she loved it, and wanted nothing more than to just eat the spinach leaves off the pizza…SO i fed her spinach leaves and continued to watch Dad try and open the pool.

Craig (my brother) played with Addison for awhile…She really took to him and even learned to say “Uncle Cake!!” (every baby in the history of our family has never been able to say Craig…they always call him Cake…real fact..not just something from my dream!).  Craig isn’t even her Uncle so i was pissed that she said his name before learning mine fluently.

My Dad needed our help with something. He said there was an animal under the deck and he couldn’t get at it without tearing up that end of the deck.  Craig started to help him rip it up when this gigantic elephant-like animal darted out from a hole under the pool. It ran into the bushes…all I saw was that it was grey, and its back feet were huge…like elephant huge. but it was smaller than a baby elephant.

Craig looked at me, Addison smiled, my dad scratched his head, and my alarm went off and I woke up.


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