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This is going to be a more difficult post to write as I don’t want to offend or hurt anyone.  That is not the point of this blog post.  I just want you all to know how lucky and fortunate you are, and that you can’t take anyone or anything for granted.

Looking through my Facebook & subscribed-to blogs the past week or so I’ve been overwhelmed with photos and posts about going-ons, parties, concerts, trips and weekends out.  Nothing new…those posts and photos are always overflowing any social website.  The thing I’ve noticed most about these posts are that they always include the same people… “X” may have 10 albums on their Facebook profile, but all of those albums include “Y” and “Z”… “A” may post 20 albums over time, but all of those photos are of themselves with “B”, “C”, “D” and “E”….whatever they may be doing.

It got me to thinking…I’ve never really had a group of friends like that.  That’s not to say I don’t have amazing friends! (see what I meant about not wanting to offend people)…I just mean that the friends I do have, have their own groups like “X” and “A”.   A tight-night group of friends that spend countless hours together…That never really have to wonder “who’s coming out tonight” because they know that their friends are already on the way…Who buy concert tickets in bulk because they don’t even have to think twice about whether or not someone else may come…Who you don’t even have to invite to parties/outings in general because you just KNOW it involves you all.  A group of friends where you’re all just so on the same wavelength, you know?

Please, please don’t get me wrong.  I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for! And I love you all very, very much.

I’ve have, and have had friends like that.  Where its like you’re sharing a brain…but you either drift apart or split apart.  I’ve been friends with Chelsea since we were 16 years old.  We have that bond.  I love that girl like she was my sister…even more if thats possible! She’s like my soulmate, in a platonic way lol.  But her life’s course has taken her out to BC, where she’s been for a year now.  I cannot express in words how proud of her I am!  As hard as it is to move so far away from your friends and lifestyle, I know this is exactly what she needed….and she’s doing so amazingly well! Chelsea is my best friend….the one who I have that special bond with, one of the only ones mind you…and that’s what makes it hard.  She was my “group” of friends.  Just her and I against the world. Now my group is just me.

There have been other “best friends” mind you.  But I’d rather not mention them for one reason or another…you think you can trust people sometimes…you consider them family even…then they lie and break your heart, and your lives go off in separate directions.

I am forever grateful for the friends I have…whether we’re “best friends” or not has nothing at all to do with how amazing they are…how kind and caring they are.  How much I’m probably jealous of them for one reason or another lol.  I owe a lot to my friends, past and present…probably more than they will ever know.  Even the simplest gestures like attending our BBQ, coming with me to a concert or inviting Chris and I over for cards and drinks means so much to me!

For those of you who do have your group of “best friends”, count your blessings….You are truly blessed.  Whether you’re sitting down with a bunch of friends you’ve had since elementary school, high school, college or just since last year…seriously know just how lucky you are.  Never take those friendships for granted. ❤  Good friends are hard to find, so love the ones you have and never let go! lol


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Today is my best friend’s birthday…and she’s miles and miles away.

I’m completely thrilled for her and everything she’s accomplished while in Prince George, BC., but I can’t help but still be a little selfish and just wish she’d come home (with her gorgeous boyfriend, of course!).

She is by far the most wonderful, loving & happy person I’ve ever met.  We’ve known each other for what seems like forever, but in actuality is only about 8 years.  Her sister introduced us while we were working at Shoppers Drug Mart, and we’ve been absolutely ridiculous ever since.  We’re the type of friends that stood strong against months of drifting apart…only to find each other again and fall back into our same routine of awesome.  We’ve been there for each other through thick and through thin.  Through hospitals and weddings.  From Jammer Lammy & blue kool-aid, to Star Wars & red wine.  Through every hair colour you could possibly ever imagine.

When I felt like I had nothing and no one to turn to, there was always her.
Her bright blue eyes and equally bright smile there to make my sorrows disappear.

Chelsea Gibson has made me a better person.
She’s the only ‘best friend’ I’ve ever had.
She’s my platonic soul mate.
I miss her so much.

Only one more month until I get to see you again, and you have no clue just how excited I really am.

Happy Birthday Sweetpea!

I love you and miss you!

You’re my favourite ❤

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