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Dear Dog Owners who attend the Leash Free dog run in Shell Park,

I understand that it is my responsibility to clean up after my dogs and keep an eye on them at all times.
What I don’t understand is how some of you don’t seem to take this same responsibility yourselves.

My dogs have never harmed another animal, bit anything (except playfully), pooped without myself or my husband cleaning it up or done anything remotely aggressive…yet I still keep my eye on them as much as humanly possible.

If you cannot follow the rules of the park please stop attending.  It is YOUR responsibility to keep your dog in control (and i understand that they ARE dogs…even the nicest dogs have their bad days) and to clean up after it.  I bring two dogs and I still manage to do this.  I’m not saying you must leave if your dog gets rowdy, but you must know how to control it if its bothering other dogs or other people!  Artoo is only 6 months old and he’s perfectly harmless…BUT as a puppy he tends to get over excited and can jump up…most people don’t like this. Even though this isn’t “scary” or really bad behavior, when he does this I correct him and make him stop…for the courtesy of other people and their dogs.

Yesterday when my husband and I were there with our dogs we constantly had to walk to the front gates and CLOSE THEM.  If you cannot even enter and exit the park without closing the gates behind yourselves you should not be there.  When we went to go leave the park we had not noticed that the first gate was left open…upon our dogs entering the inner gate they proceeded to run THROUGH THE OPEN GATE and into the parking lot.  I admit that my dogs aren’t well behaved when it comes to walks and being off leash (outside of the park).  They see an open door and they’ll run through it if we don’t tell them to stay fast enough…and since we did not see the open gate, we did not have the time to tell them to stay.

As we yelled and tried to get our now free-roaming dogs NOT A SINGLE PERSON attempted to help us.

Luckily enough I remained calm and simply opened the car door and they both ran back and into the car….  but i would like to express my deepest thank you to the NO ONE that helped us in this scary situation.

Closing the gate behind you is such a crucial step in attending an off leash area…and such a simple, small step too.
Should anything had happened to either of my dogs….good lord, i don’t even want to think about it.

Next time I go i’ll be bringing tools and springs and i’ll be fixing the gate myself and making sure it’s spring loaded to close by itself….as apparently it’s too large a task for some people to do themselves.




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You know what really grinds my gears?
People who don’t understand growing up and having expenses.
I moved out with Chris when I was 18 years old…and not only did I move out, I moved to Manitoba.

I learned from an early age that saving money is super important (not that I’ve always saved lol) and paying bills is even MORE important.  I’ve had great jobs and have always put my best foot forward.  I want to do better and work harder so that one day I can provide for my family.

On that note, I am not rich, nor do I have a family thats rich that will support me my whole life (not that i agree with that anyways….).  I pay my own bills…i pay my own rent…I am also putting out alot of my own money for my stag n doe, wedding and reception.

I truely don’t think people understand the time and money that goes in to planning a wedding. It’s blowing my mind, the amount of people coming to me saying “I’m invited to your wedding right?!” or “I can’t wait to get an invite!” or “I better be invited!”  …say it any way you want…if you have to ask you’re probably not invited.  We have to pay for each chair and each meal for ever person that we invite.  My family alone will take up about 50 seats.  Add Chris’ family too, that’s another 10 or so seats….plus only our closest friends and our guest list is now over 75 people!  Our backup wedding ceremony location (we’re being married outdoors, but it comes with a backup indoor space just in case) only holds 72 people at the most.   I know thats not alot of people….but when you’ve got very limited money to begin with, that’s ALOT of money to spend just so people can watch a 20 minute ceremony…

I’m have absolutely no issue with spending my money on this….that’s not what I’m upset about…its the people I barely know…the people I barely ever talk to, who all just ASSUME they’re invited to MY wedding!  It’s my wedding! not a 2001 YMCA Punk Show reunion!

If you ask me if you’re invited, and I say no….don’t take offence.  Don’t get upset. and don’t make ME feel bad about saying no.  I’m CHOOSING to have a small intimate wedding. I’m choosing to only invite my family and my closest of friends.  Even if i wanted to have a huge wedding and invite everyone i know i could never afford it!

Luckily for me, we’re having a small reception in a place that opens to the public in the evening.
Invites will be sent out to people inviting them to the after reception for drinks and celebration.
I still don’t want a million people showing up, but at least it lets me invite some more people to celebrate with us without having to pay any extra!

I’m not being cheap. I’m being smart.

I’d much rather save my money to buy a house….rather than spend it all on one big party.

My wedding means everything in the world to me! But living together in our very own house, a house that we can raise a family in, means more to me than anything else.  I’d give up my whole wedding for a simple city hall “ceremony” if it came down to it.  I don’t care about the people and the party. I just want to be with the love of my life, for the rest of my life.

and if you want to be mad/upset with me for not being invited (or whatever) then go right ahead….that’s probably why you weren’t invited in the first place. 


For those of my friends and family who are reading this, i send my sincerest apologies if i came off harsh.  You know who you are, and you KNOW you’re invited to my big day!  I’m so excited to have all of my loved ones gathered with us to celebrate our marriage!

And for my close friends who don’t get an invite, i apologize as well.  You are the people that I want to invite more than anything, but due to money we are unable to invite you all.  You WILL be receiving an after-dinner-drinks-&-fun invite though!  We still want you to come and help us celebrate! …we’re just too poor to afford your chairs and dinners hahahaha….but seriously. we love you. please don’t hate us 🙂

Lori is just a stressed, frustrated bride-to-be lol



and that, my friends, is what Grinds My Gears…this week 🙂
True Love !
Next week on You Know What Really Grinds My Gears:
people who care that I stole the name from Family Guy…its too awesome to not use ❤
AND! People who don’t pick up their dogs poop. sure it’s disgusting, but so is leaving it there for other dogs/people to step in! ew!

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