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One of my New Years Resolutions was to start reading more…and to read more diverse books.

Well I am reading more! Currently dabbling in FOUR different books! Although none of which are that different from what I normally read….but I’ll get around to it.  I have all year to find new things!

To keep up with my new book reading I’ve stolen Adriane’s “Currently Reading” widget idea from her blog. lol  Hope you don’t mind hun! It’s a fantastic idea! And since I’m constantly checking on my own blog I’ll always have a reminder to continue reading, or find something new!

I’m almost done reading Seeking Spirits by T.A.P.S co-founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.  I love their show Ghost Hunters, so naturally when I found out they had a couple of books I went out and bought them.  Their stories are amazing, and whether you believe in ghosts or not it’s just a great read….especially if you believe in ghosts. lol

I’ve also started reading both Kevin Smith’s My Boring Ass Life, and Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter By Design.
Both equally amazing books in two totally different ways. lol  I love everything Kevin Smith…He’s the most hysterical man I know, and I’ve been lucky enough to actually meet him too!  I bought both this book and his Shootin’ the Shit with Kevin Smith book.  Haven’t had a chance to even flip through Shootin’ the Shit, but I’ll get around to it!
Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter books have all been an amazing read! Dexter By Design is his latest instalment, and even though I only got to a few chapters in before I picked up Seeking Spirits, it’s lived up to the Dexter name.  The books are equally as great as the television show, but have a MUCH bigger impact on you as you read.  You get a real intimate look into Dexter’s Dark Passenger that  you just can’t see in the t.v. series.  I can’t wait to get back into this book again!

On my list of Books to Start Reading Sooner Than Later is the above book, Voices from Chernobyl.
It’s full of first hand accounts of the Chernobyl Plant nuclear explosions of April 1986.  I heard about this unfortunate incident about a month ago while watching Destination Truth (a tv show on after Ghost Hunters, about a guy who travels the world investigating mythical creatures and the paranormal).  It’s a terrifying true story about a nuclear power plant explosion that devastated much of Eastern Europe.  I’ve spent hours reading about it online.  You can read more about the book here:


It’s a chilling tale really.  The effects of it have been seen world-over.  I fully expect this to be a heart-breaking, gut-wrenching read, but I’m so intrigued by the strength and the power of the people affected by this tragedy, and their ability to live with their unfortunate tales. They are so brave to come forward and speak about their illnesses and their heartache.  They’re much stronger people than I will ever be.


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Yesterday was probably the most amazing day of my entire life.

Yesterday….I met Kevin Smith!

….it’s not like we hung out or anything significant, but I totally got an autograph and a couple of pics with him.  He’s such a fucking wicked dude and a comedic genius!  It was my equivalent of heaven lol I felt like a douche even asking for a photo…I mean, I’m sure he had better things to do with his time, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

I brought every Kevin Smith movie in my collection, but felt too stupid to ask him to sign them ALL….so I got Clerks signed.  It kicked serious ass.  He’s one seriously awesome dude!

it doesnt get any better than this!

it doesn't get any better than this!

Best day of LIFE!

Best day of LIFE!

Did I mention this was the best day EVER!?

Did I mention this was the best day EVER!?

We also met Dean Blundell! Sa-weeeet!

We also met Dean Blundell! Sa-weeeet!

Both Kevin & Dean had teams in Walter Gretzky’s ball hockey tournament in Brantford.  It was such a great game!  They had girls playing on their teams from a team in Georgia (i think), and they all played great! Dean was hilarious, as per usual…and Kevin unfortunately blew out his knee playing goal the day before, so he was on commentary for yesterday’s game.  Which was still awesome!

Dean’s team won in a shootout, and Kevin ended up donated a butt-load of money.

All-in-all…Yesterday=Baddass. ❤

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