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I love movies.

No…that’s an understatement.  I fucking LOVE movies!

We, my husband and I, have a vast collection of movies. Old & new.  Disney & Horror.  Totally awesome & totally lame.  I don’t care…I absolutely love movies.

What I don’t love is skydiving, bungee jumping, sword swallowing or any other insanely ridiculous/dangerous thing most people add to their Bucket List.  I live a pretty simple life and no where in it is there a desire to almost kill myself for the fun of it.

So in lieu of a death-defying Bucket List I’ve created my Must-See Movies Bucket List.  A list of movies I need to see before I die.  There are far too many great movies out that that I haven’t laid my eyes on…and being the cinephile I am it’s just plan silly that I haven’t seen some of them.  Like Casablanca!  Who the hell hasn’t seen Casablanca!?…This girl.

I’m starting tonight.  The first movie I’ll be crossing off my list is Field of Dreams.  I know right….how have I not already watched this!?

Please comment here or on my Must-See Movies Bucket List page and let me know which movies you would recommend.  Serious suggestions only, please!

I’ll keep adding to the list as suggestions come in (or as I think of new ones!) and I’ll cross them off as I watch them.  I’ll update my blog about them too as I go!

Keep an eye out! Maybe there’s some you haven’t seen either 😉



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The company I work for did some post cards for Star Wars Day TO!  Which is, for all of you non-nerds, May 4th….as in May the 4th be with you 😉  In return we received tickets to the Star Wars Day TO show, held at the Underground Theatre in Toronto.  It was the first time they had held this event, and I sure as hell hope they do it again next year!

Chris and I dressed up as Han Solo & Leia Organa.  Duh!  Any chance we get to wear our costumes we take it!

We watched a bunch of amazing Star Wars tributes & mashups from the webbernet, played Original Trilogy Trivia & they even had a costume contest!  Neither Chris or I won, but I didn’t expect to…there were super rad little kids there all dressed up too!  You seriously couldn’t expect me to take a prize away from them! They were much cuter anyway lol

OH! and the 501st Stormtrooper Legion was there. Badass!  I need to get me a Sandtrooper suit….pronto.

Check out @StarWarsDayTO on twitter and lets make this an annual event!

Here’s a few pics I took!
Check out LOTS more on my flickr!   — all I ask is that if you use the photos for Facebook, or on a website, etc. that you please credit LD Photography (www.ldphotography.ca)…it would be greatly appreciated. ❤

And may the force be with you.

(Chris) Han Solo

High fives!

Costume Contest!

Leia & Artoo ❤

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I have found an amazing movie that I think everyone should go see.

I’m no “movie reviewer” and I usually always love movies that most people hate, but screw it!! this movie is just WAY to good!  …from the producers of SAW…

REPO! The Genetic Opera
A Film by Darren Lynn Bousman

In the not so distant future, a worldwide epidemic of organ failures devastates the planet.  Out of the tragedy, a saviour emerges: GENECO, a biotech company that offers organ transplants…for a price.  Those who miss their payments are scheduled for repossession…and hunted down by the REPO man!

Starring: Alexa Vega, Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, Paris Hilton, Ogre, Terrance Zdunich, with Bill Moseley & Paul Sorvino.


The Genetic Opera

The Genetic Opera

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

You’ll either love it or hate it, but i still recommend seeing it!
I can’t stop watching it, and now that I’ve bought the soundtrack, I can’t stop listening to it too!  Not only are the actors super talented, but the graphics are absolutely spectacular!  If you hate musicals/operas I guarantee you’ll still enjoy this film in one way or another.

Go watch it! NOW!!! ❤



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