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The company I work for did some post cards for Star Wars Day TO!  Which is, for all of you non-nerds, May 4th….as in May the 4th be with you 😉  In return we received tickets to the Star Wars Day TO show, held at the Underground Theatre in Toronto.  It was the first time they had held this event, and I sure as hell hope they do it again next year!

Chris and I dressed up as Han Solo & Leia Organa.  Duh!  Any chance we get to wear our costumes we take it!

We watched a bunch of amazing Star Wars tributes & mashups from the webbernet, played Original Trilogy Trivia & they even had a costume contest!  Neither Chris or I won, but I didn’t expect to…there were super rad little kids there all dressed up too!  You seriously couldn’t expect me to take a prize away from them! They were much cuter anyway lol

OH! and the 501st Stormtrooper Legion was there. Badass!  I need to get me a Sandtrooper suit….pronto.

Check out @StarWarsDayTO on twitter and lets make this an annual event!

Here’s a few pics I took!
Check out LOTS more on my flickr!   — all I ask is that if you use the photos for Facebook, or on a website, etc. that you please credit LD Photography (www.ldphotography.ca)…it would be greatly appreciated. ❤

And may the force be with you.

(Chris) Han Solo

High fives!

Costume Contest!

Leia & Artoo ❤


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WOW!  I apologize for my long absence!  This post is long overdue.

I’ll make this quick, and maybe later this weekend I’ll update you all properly. lol  I’ve had a lot going on since my last post…. my photography has been going extraordinarily well! I’ve done some couple shoots, siblings, maternity & even my niece Alyssa’s Christening!  And of course, my wonderful, patient husband is always close by to be my test subject before shoots ❤

for more of my photos please visit my LD Photography blog!

Or check out my website!  www.ldphotography.ca

Our dogs are doing wonderful too!  Leia and Artoo are getting along better and better every day!  Artoo is a gigantor of a Boston Terrier…at 10 months old he’s already over 30lbs, and not fat at all! Just huge.  Every once and awhile we catch them doing something awesome; cuddling:

Yeah…that just happened!

Personally though, I have recently become uber obsessed with How I Met Your Mother.  Like, really obsessed.  For Christmas I went out and bought myself the first 4 seasons on DVD! (I would have bought the 5th too, but it was $60!)  I spent the entire Christmas vacation watching them all…and I don’t regret a single second of it! BEST…SHOW…EVER!!

I got my feet tattooed! ❤  (i now have the most awesome, legendary feet in the world)
and we (once again) got some new furniture and awesomed up our kitchen!…yup. that’s a word.

We also painted and totally re-did our basement, but that will be a post all of it’s own…

More to come soon! ❤


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Ok, ok…so our anniversary was actually in July, but we wanted to wait until fall to do some fun photos!

We recruited our friends Dave & Liz Binkowski of 808 Photography to snap some fun fall photos of the hubby and I 🙂

It pissed rain on our wedding day, so we wanted to get some nice photos of just the two of us….our wedding photos were amazing and I love them very much, but the rain made us kind of rush through things and there were some photos we just didn’t have time to get…damn you Mother Nature!

…actually, I shouldn’t say that.  Mother Nature was on our side last Sunday when we went out to do these photos.  It had rained earlier on in the day, but by the time we got out to Bronte Creek Park it had all dried up and we were left with an absolutely stunning sunset.  Which in turn made for some awesome photos!

Thanks again Binkowskis!  You guys are the best!!

You're the Han Solo to my Leia Organa ❤




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Good evening all!

After alot of soul searching and thought, I have decided to stick with LD Photography.
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, right?! 🙂

Thank you Adriane for your wonderful insight.  You were right, I can’t loose sight of my roots!  Who I was in high school most definitely helped shape me to be the person I am today…and I think I’m pretty alright ! lol

I’d like to introduce you all to LD Photography: The Blog

I’ll be posting all new photos to my photo blog only, but will continue to update you on this blog as well.  I’m keeping this one for my personal shenanigans, and I am so very excited to start posting to my photo blog too!

I appreciate any feedback you can give!
I’ll try to update as often as possible, and your opinions matter a lot to me!

Thanks to my friends & family who have supported me and my hobby throughout the years, and who have most graciously (and patiently!) modeled for me time after time!
And a HUGE thank you to my husband, Christopher, who has allowed me to blow all of our spare cash on cameras, lenses, camera bags & classes.

I love you all!

This new blog really motivates me to take new photos and to keep up with my wonderful hobby!

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•Identity Crisis•

I’ve found myself at a bit of a dead end.

I’ve spent the last week or so designing new business cards for myself/LD Photography.
Not that I’m planning to make a business out of it anytime soon, but I would like to be prepared should someone want to find/contact me.  I do want to come off as professional as possible, because this is something I would like to pursue one day.

Among the designing process I have found myself feuding over whether or not I should ditch “LD” and change to something more long term.  “LD” refers to the nickname “Lori Dark” that I’ve had since high school….but I’m not a high school kid anymore.  I’m not that same girl.  I’ve grown up, and I think my photos portray that as well.  BUT I still find myself attached to “LD”.  It’s been a really huge part of my life.

I’ve been working with names like:

LMH Photo
LMH Photography
LH Photo
LH Photography
Lori Michelle Photo[graphy]

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…I don’t know. lol

Nothing really jumps off the page to me….I want people to see the name and know that its me.  I want it to be simple, but elegant. OR, do I just go ahead and just use my name?  “freelance photography”.  I’ve already been tagging my photos with a simple signature…

I was thinking of  using my initials because I like the idea of having a monogram as a logo. It’s easy, and can be portrayed very elegantly, or in a very modern fun way as well…depending on who/what you’re photographing.

I’m really at a dead end here.

Any suggestions?!  Please help…if I think any harder, my face may get stuck like this!

Please help me...

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•LD Update!•

I’ve updated my LD Photography tab on my blog’s homepage with some new photos from January!

I’d like to thank my husband for allowing me to spend all our money on new lenses lol

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•He Lives!•

My love for Elvis knows no bounds.

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