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WOW!  I apologize for my long absence!  This post is long overdue.

I’ll make this quick, and maybe later this weekend I’ll update you all properly. lol  I’ve had a lot going on since my last post…. my photography has been going extraordinarily well! I’ve done some couple shoots, siblings, maternity & even my niece Alyssa’s Christening!  And of course, my wonderful, patient husband is always close by to be my test subject before shoots ❤

for more of my photos please visit my LD Photography blog!

Or check out my website!  www.ldphotography.ca

Our dogs are doing wonderful too!  Leia and Artoo are getting along better and better every day!  Artoo is a gigantor of a Boston Terrier…at 10 months old he’s already over 30lbs, and not fat at all! Just huge.  Every once and awhile we catch them doing something awesome; cuddling:

Yeah…that just happened!

Personally though, I have recently become uber obsessed with How I Met Your Mother.  Like, really obsessed.  For Christmas I went out and bought myself the first 4 seasons on DVD! (I would have bought the 5th too, but it was $60!)  I spent the entire Christmas vacation watching them all…and I don’t regret a single second of it! BEST…SHOW…EVER!!

I got my feet tattooed! ❤  (i now have the most awesome, legendary feet in the world)
and we (once again) got some new furniture and awesomed up our kitchen!…yup. that’s a word.

We also painted and totally re-did our basement, but that will be a post all of it’s own…

More to come soon! ❤



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The past couple of months have been pretty exciting! Nothing out of the ordinary really (other than meeting Kevin Smith of course!), but I’ve been enjoying myself and trying to relax as much as possible before “the big day”.  Although, that’s seemingly hard to do while working 12 hour shifts and packing for a big move.

Every weekend (usually sundays) Chris and I try to get out and spend the whole day outside.  We usually start with a little breakfast at Benny’s on Lakeshore Rd., and make our way down to the lake for a long 4-5 hour walk-a-thon along the beach strip and down to the Hamilton lift bridge.

She gets to bird watch!!

On the last weekend of May, Burlington Animal Aid hosted the Pooch Promenade at Spencer Smith Park.  It was such a gorgeous day, and Leia made SO many new friends.  They even had The Superdogs there doing tricks and stuff. Absolutely adorable! They even taught everyone there how WE could help train our doggies to do cool stuff!

I have also continued work on my Frankenstein leg sleeve tattoo.  With Frankenstein and his lovely Bride already residing on my shin, I have now had Greg (of True Grit Tattoos in Burlington) add the Dracula/Frankenstein Caslte to my calf.  We’ve got the outline and the dark shading done, and just have to fill ‘er in….which will come when I have more money. haha.  Here’s a crummy photo….

We’ve also had our Stag n’ Doe (which went superbly well!), but I’ll save that update and photo madness for another day!


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