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Dear Dog Owners who attend the Leash Free dog run in Shell Park,

I understand that it is my responsibility to clean up after my dogs and keep an eye on them at all times.
What I don’t understand is how some of you don’t seem to take this same responsibility yourselves.

My dogs have never harmed another animal, bit anything (except playfully), pooped without myself or my husband cleaning it up or done anything remotely aggressive…yet I still keep my eye on them as much as humanly possible.

If you cannot follow the rules of the park please stop attending.  It is YOUR responsibility to keep your dog in control (and i understand that they ARE dogs…even the nicest dogs have their bad days) and to clean up after it.  I bring two dogs and I still manage to do this.  I’m not saying you must leave if your dog gets rowdy, but you must know how to control it if its bothering other dogs or other people!  Artoo is only 6 months old and he’s perfectly harmless…BUT as a puppy he tends to get over excited and can jump up…most people don’t like this. Even though this isn’t “scary” or really bad behavior, when he does this I correct him and make him stop…for the courtesy of other people and their dogs.

Yesterday when my husband and I were there with our dogs we constantly had to walk to the front gates and CLOSE THEM.  If you cannot even enter and exit the park without closing the gates behind yourselves you should not be there.  When we went to go leave the park we had not noticed that the first gate was left open…upon our dogs entering the inner gate they proceeded to run THROUGH THE OPEN GATE and into the parking lot.  I admit that my dogs aren’t well behaved when it comes to walks and being off leash (outside of the park).  They see an open door and they’ll run through it if we don’t tell them to stay fast enough…and since we did not see the open gate, we did not have the time to tell them to stay.

As we yelled and tried to get our now free-roaming dogs NOT A SINGLE PERSON attempted to help us.

Luckily enough I remained calm and simply opened the car door and they both ran back and into the car….  but i would like to express my deepest thank you to the NO ONE that helped us in this scary situation.

Closing the gate behind you is such a crucial step in attending an off leash area…and such a simple, small step too.
Should anything had happened to either of my dogs….good lord, i don’t even want to think about it.

Next time I go i’ll be bringing tools and springs and i’ll be fixing the gate myself and making sure it’s spring loaded to close by itself….as apparently it’s too large a task for some people to do themselves.




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If you live in Burlington, or have ever ridden Burlington Transit there’s a good chance you know Bus Driver Bob….or maybe you’ve even ridden on Bob’s Magic Bus?  or maybe, JUST MAYBE you’ve seen his face plastered all over buses, magazine bus ads and banners scattered around Burlington? Then again, maybe you haven’t…but you will now!

My dad’s ego has severely inflated since the beginning of this summer when his work colleagues decided to take his photo (used in a Burlington Tourism magazine), blow it up and use it as one of their Burlington Bus wraps.  We should have known it wouldn’t stop there.  I continue to see his smiling face in Ribfest guides, pop-up banners, and in family member’s profile pics on Facebook.  Everywhere I look my dear ol’ dad is looking back…seriously.

So in hopes to help inflate his ego (and ultimately attempt to piss him off *grin*) my sister and I have made him his very own FACEBOOK GROUP! <—click it!…now!

They have stripped his face off of the sides of buses (for now, i’m sure), but you can relive it all here! On Facebook!  Be part of something awesome and join in on the fun!  Stop him for his autograph!  Have your picture taken with him!  Just don’t fuck with his schedule or be uber creepy about it! 🙂  I AM his daughter, keep in mind…and I will be monitoring for creepy bus passengers…you know who you are.  I know you’re our there.

My dad is cool as shit! ❤

Autographed Ribfest Guide!

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