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It’s not often that I have an entire weekend to spend with Chris.  He works so, so much…a “short” day for him is usually still a 12 hour shift AND he works on Saturdays.  Luckily for me he told his boss he was NOT coming in this weekend, so I got to spend a whole TWO DAYS with him!

My plan for the weekend consisted of:

Book Reading
and Sleep.
…yeah, right.  With Chris home for two whole days we ended up doing the following:

Kitchen renovation (fixing hole created by Chris & my dad while fixing the plumbing in the bathroom above)
Bathroom renovation (removing everything from the walls, painting & installing new fixtures)
We DID manage to get to the cinema last night!
And we did manage to have at least one meal together lol

I can’t complain though…we have a lot of great ideas for this house and with him working all the time nothing ever gets done.  I know that makes me sound horribly lazy…”Why doesn’t she just do it herself?”…The answer, my friends, is that although I’m not Canada’s Worst Handyman, I’m not great at it either.  My dad has taught me a lot, but I don’t feel comfortable doing most of the work without help or supervision. lol

Take, for instance the bathroom project.  I’m totally fine painting and lying floor tiles…but I can’t paint until the light fixtures, mirror & (gigantor) medicine cabinet are off the walls.  I wouldn’t have an issue with the medicine cabinet if it wasn’t as big as my closet (seriously people..it’s unnecessarily large), but I definitely don’t want to mess around with anything electrical (history of electric shock) and the mirror is a total no-go.  I’d end up shattering it and/or slicing myself up.  My bathroom would end up looking like a scene from Dexter.  I’m too accident prone…  Half the time I can’t even walk straight. lol

The bathroom is pretty small though, so it’s not a huge project.
Here’s a before and during (still waiting for paint to dry):



it’s already bigger without the medicine cabinet/closet in there. Here’s the new lights & cabinet we’re putting in!


Then we’re installing a rounded shower curtain rod.
The last things on the list are new floor tiles and a new counter top to match everything, but those are also the more expensive things…so they may have to wait a bit.  I’m also still not 100% sure what colours I want for either.

As for the kitchen…well that’s still a work in progress.

One leaking drain = one big hole in the kitchen

But Christopher knows drywall, so it’ll get done…eventually lol
Once it’s complete we’ll be repainting & wainscotting the  kitchen. I’d like to get new cupboards too, but I highly doubt that’ll be anytime soon…so for now we’ll just repaint them white, and try and keep chris’ dirty mits off of them! lol

We have a list a mile long of what else we plan to do, but it’ll be spread out throughout the year.  We also plan on vacationing to Cuba (or somewhere warm) this year, so I don’t want to spend ALL our money on home projects!



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Over the past couple of months Chris and I (and my Dad, Mom, brother, sister and some super kickass friends!) have been yard at work turning the shitty outside of my house into our new Outdoor Haven.

Through blood, (alot of) sweat and tears we’ve made it through some hard, hot days!  It’s been exhausting but absolutely rewarding in every way possible.

I can’t possibly start to thank my Father for all he has done for us in the past month or so.  There were many days that I’d come home from work to find our “Deck Fairy” had come to visit that afternoon.  He’s helped us out more than we could have ever asked for…or that we even deserve.  I seriously have the best dad in the world!  That’s not to say we didn’t have alot of other help along the way!

My mom is a garden wizard!  Helping us move plants, plant new plants, and dig up new gardens!  She even kept working when I had to sit a round out. lol  My brother also helped a great deal with the lumber and putting the deck together!  God knows how much I friggen love that kid!  Andrea helped too…I guess. lol She helped look after little Artoo while I hustled around helping out where I could.  Without her I would have had to put him in his crate…which would have made me sad.  Even the little details are amazing 🙂

Liz & Dave helped us put together our kickass new gazebo and were there for support throughout our financial woes (which, of course, we’re still dealing with lol).  We haven’t known each other for very long, but I couldn’t ask for better friends!  You’ve always been here for us and I’m still kicking myself in the ass for not knowing you sooner! (like the time you were at my stag n doe AND my wedding and I didn’t have a fucking clue! hahaha) Go Me!  Love you guys to bits!

All of our work has paid off! AND HERE’S PROOF!!!!

Before & After shots of the FRONT!

Before & After shots of the BACK!


Another HUGE thank you to everyone who helped out on these projects!  Every little bit counts and we love you all very much!

Summer BBQ’s and parties to come! ❤

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